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This article is about the episode. For the graphic novel, see Boy-Crazy Stacey (Graphic Novel). For the original novel see Boy-Crazy Stacey.

"Boy-Crazy Stacey" is the seventh episode of season 1 and the seventh episode overall of Netflix reboot. It is based on the eighth book, Boy-Crazy Stacey, of the original series, The Baby-Sitters Club. It was released on July 3, 2020 on the streaming network, Netflix, along with the rest of season 1.

Episode Description[]

Mary Anne and Stacey team up for an out-of-town job: babysitting kids at the beach. But a cute new crush challenges business and friendship.


All the girls are sitting in Claudia's room during the first week of Spring Break. They all talk about their upcoming vacations. Stacey and Mary Anne talk excitedly with the other girls about their first big out of town job in Sea City. Mary Anne and Dawn discuss how they will get their parents back together, Claudia is heading to Vermont, and Kristy says her mother has become the most basic person ever due to planning her wedding. Kristy informs them about the "BSC Code Of Conduct," and tells them that most importantly she will miss them and they all embrace in a group hug.

The day finally arrives when Mary Anne and Stacey have to leave for their baby-sitting job a Sea City. The Pikes and the sitters get through the car drive, with some vomiting incidents and the kids asking many times when they will arrive at their final destination. Mallory shows them their room, and they love it. The girls can't believe that they are getting paid to live here. Mary Anne points out that Stacey has probably been to "a million glamorous places," and Stacey replies with "not with one of my best friends!" They both grin, and then go to unpack.

In Stoneybrook, Watson shows Kristy her new room, and asks her what she thinks. She replies that it is very big, which he agrees to. He asks her to sit for Karen and Andrew, as he and Liz are going for their wedding menu taste testing. Kristy half-hardheartedly agrees. He awkwardly tells her to feel out the new room and get used to it. They then shake hands and he leaves.

Meanwhile, in Stoneybrook, Dawn calls Richard and pretends she's Sharon. She invites him over for dinner, but Richard figures out its Dawn. She pleads him to come, saying "remember when you were her little turtle?" Richard asks her how she knows about that. Dawn tells him that she was browsing through her mother's old yearbook and read their messages to each other. Richard tells Dawn to give her mother's phone back and to stop calling him. He hangs up on her and Dawn looks at the phone and sighs.

The next day, Mr. and Mrs. Pike sleep in for the first time in eleven years, while Mary Anne and Stacey take care of the kids. Byron, Adam, and Jordan make fun of Nicky, and Stacey tells them to not be mean. Adam says that they don't have to listen to her because she's not their mom. Byron shoves him angrily, telling him not to talk to Stacey like that. While Stacey is dealing with the kids, she sees a lifeguard running across the beach and develops a crush on him. Stacey raves about him to Mary Anne, and Mary Anne tells her that he's about seventeen and way too old for her.

Stacey ignores her, asking her what to do. Mary Anne says she looks and sounds insane.

Stacey decides to go introduce herself to the lifeguard. She walks up to him, tells him her name and where she's from, and says she is also working on the beach. The lifeguard laughs in response, and says his name is Scott. He drops his whistle, and she gives it to him, but he calls her cutie and says she can have it. Stacey walks off happy that she now has both a romantic gift and a pet name.

Later, Stacey tries to impress Scott by bringing him sodas but she is ignored. Stacey walks off sadly with the soda cooler. Meanwhile, Mary Anne unsuccessfully tries to discipline the Pike kids who are growing more uncontrollable during lunch. Stacey pretends to stumble and fall in front of Scott who continues to ignore her and doesn't take her hints. Stacey knows that leaving Mary Anne alone in charge of the Pikes is wrong, however, she is too infatuated with Scott believing it is destiny for them to be together.

Stacey asks Scott what he's thinking about and he tells her he's thinking about the number of burgers he will slam at Burger Garden. Stacey excitedly tells him she will also be at Burger Garden later. He tells her he will see her then.

Meanwhile, Mary Anne is left alone to take care of the out of control Jordan, Nicky, and Adam, and they bury her in sand. She calls for the boys to come back as they run off and leave her there. Luckily, two other boys, Alex and his cousin, Toby dig her out and introduce themselves. Alex tells her he's a local who frequently has to dig people out of the sand and his cousin Toby is visiting. They talk, and they ask her if she wants to hang out. Mary Anne says that she can't, but they trade numbers just in case.

Later, Stacey tells Mary Anne that they should keep their eyes peeled for Scott while they are at Burger Garden. Mary Anne expresses disappointment that they won't be able to go bikini shopping. Stacey points out it's too cold to wear bikinis anyway. Mary Anne decides to invite Alex and Toby, and Stacey asks if Scott will like them. Mary Anne scolds Stacey about obsessing over Scott, who is a completely average guy. Stacey admits to herself that she wasn't being a good friend or baby-sitter, but that Scott was worth it and asks "wasn't he?"

Back at Stoneybrook, Kristy is sitting for Karen and Andrew, and decides to have them watch Watson's old car as a means of getting chores done while their parents are at their taste testing. She asks Karen where the sponges are. Karen says they are in the garage, but tells her not to go in the room with the blue door, because "that's where Daddy keeps are his secrets." Of course, Kristy goes to investigate. It turns out to be a normal room, but then Kristy gets stuck in there and isn't able to open the door. Andrew and Karen are about to wash the car with steel wool which would scratch the paint of the car. She shouts for them, but they don't listen.

At Burger Garden, Alex and Toby tell jokes, but Stacey is distracted, searching for Scott. Mary Anne expresses her annoyance and Toby finally manages to get Stacey's attention.

In Stoneybrook, Kristy is shocked, but Karen tells her that her dad doesn't drive that car anyway. Karen, Andrew, and Kristy all contemplate over how they should handle the situation.

When they are done with dinner at Burger Garden, Alex and Mary Anne go to just talk, and Toby helps Stacey find a gift for Scott. Alex and Mary Anne talk about boys, and Stacey find chocolates for Scott. She sees him, but he is hugging another girl, who turns out to be is girlfriend. Stacey is very embarrassed, and the girl says she's probably another girl from the beach in love with him. Toby covers for her, saying the chocolates were for him, but Stacey runs away crying.

Back at the Pike beach house, Stacey learns that Byron Pike has a massive crush on her and she has to explain that he’s just too young and it puts the whole situation in perspective. Thankfully, she has come to this realization with enough time for one great beach day. She finally has fun.

But in Stoneybrook, Kristy is worried. The car is too expensive to fix. She gets a call from Watson. She has to explain what happened, but, surprisingly, he tells her its okay and they agree to keep it a secret from Liz. She is relieved, and tells him she actually likes her new room, but hangs up before he can respond. Watson smiles, he is making progress at winning over Kristy.

In Sea City, before the girls and the Pikes leave the next day, Stacey surprises Mary Anne with matching airbrush t-shirts. Then, Toby gives her a gift, and she has her first kiss. She and Mary Anne squeal over it, and it turns out Sea City isn't so bad after all.

Sharon and Dawn are seen with a turtle, which is a gift from Richard and they coo over it.


Similar to Source Material[]

  • Stacey still falls in love with Scott.
  • Alex and Toby are still there.

Difference from Source Material[]

  • This is the first time the Pike Family is seen. In the books, they all have been seen sporadically throughout books leading up to this one, such as Mallory in Dawn and the Impossible Three.
  • Alex is gay (or bisexual) in the episode, while he is straight in the book series.

Songs Used[]

  • "I Remember" by Mannequin Online
  • "Places to Go" by Leftover Cuties

Pop Culture References[]

  • Dawn mentions that Sharon is using the online dating app, Tinder.


  • This is the first time the Pike Family has all been cast.
  • On the IMDb page the cast for episode seven includes Alex, Toby, Scott, Adam Pike, Byron Pike, and Margo Pike. Indicating that this is the Sea City episode.
  • This episode, the previous episode and the next episode are out of order of their canon in the original book series for some unknown reason.
  • While talking to her friends, Dawn refers to Sharon by her first name at one point instead of "mom" for some reason.
  • According to Dawn, Sharon always swipes right on Tinder if left alone.