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Bradford Court is a street in Stoneybrook, Connecticut.


The street is lined by sycamore trees that have red and gold leaves in autumn. The street is within walking distance to Rosedale Road.

In Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls, Mr. Willis has at least two kids that Claudia sits for.

In Mary Anne and the Zoo Mystery, Kimball Street, Slate Street, and Fawcett Avenue are within walking distance to each other.

Janine Kishi turns left off Bradford and crosses the street then takes a quick right onto Rosedale Road in The Mystery at Claudia's House.

Kristy Thomas notes that the houses are close together and everyone knows each other in Sea City, Here We Come!.


Former Residents[]


  • Kristy and her friends made snowpeople for the neighbors for money to give Mimi a present for her birthday when they were five, as mentioned in Kristy's Book.
  • In Kristy's Book, a Ms. Johnson is mentioned to live on the street. It's unclear if she still lives there or not.