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Brenner Field is a park in Stoneybrook, CT.


Brenner field has a baseball diamond with bases that can double as a kickball field as well. There is a big rock at its edge. By the rock there is a small hedge where Peter, a fluffy brown and white rabbit lives.

It's sort of behind the Newton's backyard mentioned by Claudia Kishi in Mary Anne and the Search for Tigger. It's near Fawcett Avenue in Logan Bruno, Boy Baby-sitter.


In Dawn and Too Many Sitters, the BSC hosts a fourth of July pre-fireworks festival.

Brenner field is first mentioned in Mary Anne and the Search for Tigger. This is where Mary Anne Spier is supposed to pick up a catnapped Tigger.

The Pike triplets organize a kickball game here in Mary Anne and Miss Priss.

In Claudia and the Terrible Truth the St. Patrick's Day Parade starts and ends at Brenner Field.

BSC clients host their own color war here in Claudia Makes Up Her Mind. They start with the first day at the field.

The Fall Frolic is held here in Kristy's Worst Idea.