Kristy Thomas Brewer Family Portrait from 1991 Calendar

The Brewer/Thomas family portrait from the 1991 BSC calendar.

The Brewer/Thomas family is a family that lives in Stoneybrook, Connecticut.

The family members of the house are:

Their pets are:

House DescriptionEdit

The family resides in a mansion on 1210 McLelland Road. The house is three miles from the Kishis' residence and is four minutes away from the train station.

According to Karen, the ghost of Ben Brewer (Kristy's great-great grandfather) is said to haunt the bedroom on the third floor.

Karen describes the house as the "big house" when she stays with her father.

The house has three floors and nine bedrooms. Charlie installed a intercom system for Watson while he recovered from his heart attack.

Living RoomEdit

The living room is described as gigantic with a grand piano, a little tree, three couches, five armchairs, a long glass coffee table, several end tables and a crystal chandelier.

Instead of carpeting, the room has Oriental rugs. It also has floor to ceiling windows that look out into the front lawn.

Family RoomEdit

The family room is described as "always on the messy side."


The kitchen is described as old & country with a big parson's table & two long benches.

The countertops are covered with blue & white tiles. Copper pots hang from the wall and the curtains match the wallpaper.


The mudroom is where the family gets dressed for the winter weather and where Shannon's leash is hung up.


Andrew, Charlie, David Michael, Emily Michelle, Karen, Kristy, Nannie, and Sam all have their own bedrooms, but Elizabeth and Watson share a bedroom.


Watson's library is described as a dark, peaceful comfortable place with cushy leather chairs, thick rugs, china lamps, a big wooden desk and shelves of books.

The room has a nice smell to it: like Lemon Pledge and musty books. A stepladder makes the upper shelves accessible.


The attic is located on the 3rd floor. It is described as big with rafters and filled with old furniture covered in white sheets along with a brass doll's bed & a rocking horse.


The house has a big backyard with a great climbing tree, playground set and tons of outdoor games in the garage.

Watson has a rose garden and the garden has daffodils.

Household Customs & RulesEdit

A cleaning woman comes in the Brewer-Thomas house twice a week.

The shopping list and schedules are posted on the bulletin board. Watson's list of "Forbidden Foods" is posted on the refrigerator next to the week's menus & snacks.

There is a strict rule about boyfriends & girlfriends: they are not allowed in the house unless adults are present.

The children get story time after bath time before they go to bed.

Watson & Elizabeth subscribe to the Stoneybrook News and the New York Times.

Family CarsEdit

Watson has an old black Ford. The emergency car is parked in the shed at the back of the house.

In the garage, there is a red sports car, a fancy new car and the Thomases' green station wagon which has four-wheel drive.


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