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Brian Hall is an eighth grader at Stoneybrook Middle School. He makes his first appearance in Claudia and the Perfect Boy and his last in Stacey and the Stolen Hearts.


He's very cute, tall with sandy blond hair and an athletic build. His hair is short and neat but not too short. He has bulgy muscles.


Claudia responds to his personal ad (he's "Good Listener"). He came to SMS at the end of the seventh grade and wasn't in any of Claudia's classes in eighth.

He goes on a date with Claudia Kishi at Rosebud Café. His clothes looked pressed and he smells lightly of cologne. He has old-fashioned manners. He sketches model cars in his free time. He likes comedy but isn't very funny. He was the swim team back in Long Island, was their best butterflier.

Brian ends up Rose Marie Montey.

In Stacey and the Stolen Hearts he and Rose have hit a rough patch, but they're fine by the end of the book.


  • He used to live in New York, on Long Island, because his dad had changed his jobs.