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The Brooke Family is a client of the Baby-sitters Club. They live in Stoneybrook, Connecticut. They only appear in Stacey McGill... Matchmaker? and are mentioned in Claudia and the Little Liar.


Mr. Brooke doesn't always call during sitting hours. The family lives on Kimball Street near Stoneybrook Middle School.

The mother is out of the picture after the divorce. Mrs. Brooke was a model and currently lives in Atlanta to work as a TV personality. Mrs. Brooke wanted the divorce because she thought being a mother and wife was standing in the way of her career. She also cited that she was tired of standing in her now ex-husband's shadow. His wife doesn't have custody of the kids.

Family Members[]


The house has slightly less furniture than most houses in the neighborhood. There was a couch and a large dresser with a TV on it. A big mirror hangs on the wall behind the dresser. In the middle of the room a Persian rug sits on a finished wood floor.

John's office has two desks against opposite walls - one with a computer and one with a gorgeous antique typewriter. Floor to ceiling bookshelves cover a third wall with books by him and other writers on it. The fourth wall is covered with framed paintings, all abstract collages by the same artist. A framed poster advertising one of Mr. Brooke's mysteries hangs over the computer.


  • One of the grandparents is alive and sent the kids a VHS copy of The Indian in the Cupboard.