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The Pike Triplets on the cover #98.

Byron Pike is Mallory Pike's 10-year-old brother and one of the Pike triplets. His identical brothers are Adam and Jordan. Byron also has a younger brother, Nicky Pike, and sisters Margo Pike, Mallory Pike, Claire Pike, and Vanessa Pike. He lives with his family in Stoneybrook, Connecticut, where he was born.

Appearance Edit

Mallory says that all of her siblings have dark chestnut hair and blue eyes.

Biography Edit

Byron is "quieter more sensitive and serious" than the other triplets, according to Stacey in Boy-Crazy Stacey. For instance, he has a phobia of deep water even though he can swim. This personality trait is maintained throughout the series.

While he likes to pick on Nicky with the other triplets, he still gets along with him. In The All-New Mallory Pike he is okay with sharing a room with Nicky away from Adam and Jordan. In Stacey's Problem, he is shown stepping up and helping his younger siblings with their homework since Mallory had left. In Mary Anne + 2 Many Babies, he partners up with Vanessa to be his fake wife to parent an egg, while Adam didn't pair with anyone and Jordan had to be persuaded to pair up with Margo.

In Dawn and Too Many Sitters, he is said to like baby formula. During the trial run as a baby-sitter in training he was better then Adam and Jordan, but the BSC still determined that he wasn't ready to be a sitter. He and his brothers agree that it's too much work.

Byron plays in the local little league; he likes sports but not as much as his brothers. In Claudia and the Mystery at the Museum he, Jordan, and Adam go to soccer practice. In Dawn and the Impossible Three the triplets go to ice hockey practice.

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Pets Edit

Likes Edit

  • Food, in Mary Anne Saves the Day he is introduced in as "always hungry", and a running joke is that he is hyper aware of dinner time.
  • Comic books
  • Sports
  • Gross-out games and songs
  • Snakes and other slithery things

Dislikes Edit

  • He has a phobia of deep water
  • Going into haunted houses

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