California is frequently mentioned in the series as the place Dawn originally lived prior to living in Stoneybrook . When she flies to California, she flies into the John Wayne airport .

Dawn's dad and stepmother Carol still live Palo City and her brother Jeff moved back to California in book 15. Dawn moved back there eventually as well. Their address is often given as 22 Buena Vista, Palo City, CA 92800.

The Baby Sitters Club members at the time (Kristy Thomas, Claudia Kishi, Dawn Schafer, Stacey McGill, Jessi Ramsey, and Mallory Pike) went to California after winning the lottery in Super Special #5 California Girls!.

After seeing how popular the BSC had become in Stoneybrook , Dawn's friends in California started the We Love Kids Club.

Kristy's dad is said to live in California in the first book.

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