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Chain Letter Mary Annes card to Cam Geary

Mary Anne's letter to Cam Geary found in The Baby-Sitters Club Chain Letter.

Cam Geary is a fictional TV actor with a musical career mentioned a few times in the series. He recorded an album in Dawn's Big Date, which Dawn Schafer notes was not very good. He has a fourteen-year-old girlfriend named Corrie Lalique.


Mary Anne is literally in love with him, and in Logan Likes Mary Anne!, put a poster of him up in her locker. When Mary Anne first sees Logan Bruno in the cafeteria, she mistakes him for Cam Geary, since they look similar.

In Dawn's Wicked Stepsister, Mary Anne's charge Myriah Perkins, is writing fan letters to him.

In The Baby-Sitters Club Chain Letter, Mary Anne writes a fan letter to him detailing the story Dawn told her about seeing Cam on the same plane as them. In reality, this is a fib. Dawn confesses this secret to Shannon as part of the BSC chain letter. Later Kristy's card mentions that Mary Anne received a letter and a photo back from Cam.

Secret Santa Card 17 Cam Geary to Mary Anne inside

Cam Geary's card to Mary Anne, using the card Dawn sent to him

In The Baby-Sitters Club Secret Santa, Mary Anne wishes for a real letter (not just a form letter) from Cam Geary, and Dawn is Mary Anne's Secret Santa. Dawn sends Cam a letter with a card and addressed envelope so all he has to do is fill out the card. This works and Mary Anne receives the card from him.