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Camp BSC is the day camp that the Baby-sitters Club runs during the summer in Mary Anne and Camp BSC. It only appears in this book.


The camp runs from 9 am to 5:30 pm and has a circus theme. Mallory and Mary Anne originally thought of the idea while sitting for the Pikes. Kristy had thought of the idea after Karen had been to one once. They took the kids to the park, had art projects, hiked to the Stone's farm, and planned a circus routine for the end of the came.

The camp becomes a problem for Mary Anne when Alicia wouldn't be parted from her mom for very long. She would want to stay behind in case her mom came back early. Mary Anne would be the only one that would stay with her. It also becomes a problem when the Stoneybrook Academy kids would always sit together. Some of the campers that have been to a circus camp before don't call it a circus camp and never practiced their parts. Eventually everyone started to get along and the performance went great.



  • The camp that Chris, Ricky, Karen, Natalie, Hannie, and Nancy went to is the plot of Karen's Big Top.
  • Jackie Rodowsky was a temporary camper in chapter 9.
  • Noodle, Pow, and Shannon were part of the dog act.
  • Mary Anne kept a notebook for roll call.