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Camp Happy Trails is an all girls month long pony camp that is an hour away from Stoneybrook. It is only seen in Karen's Pony Camp.


Karen Brewer, Hannie Papadakis, and Nancy Dawes all go to camp here during the summer. Karen thinks of the idea to have Blueberry board here after the Gale Family moves.

The camp director is Mrs. Moggy. There's about eighty campers and fourteen counselors. There are ten different cabins: Misty, Secretariat, and Karen's cabin is called Black Beauty. Her counselor is Diane. Others in her cabin include: Caitlin Combs, Tamisha Hopper, Amy Brooks, Becky Chen, and Betsy Olerud.

The pavilion is a great big room with a cement floor. There's lines for foursquare, shuffleboard, and hopscotch. Three ping-pong tables are on one side of the room. The canteen sells sodas and candy and ice cream.

There are riding rings for beginners and the younger intermediates. There are about twenty intermediate girls including: Mary-Grace Welles, Casey Winters, Jody Barrow, Gretchen, Amanda, and Lauren.

Some ponies they have include: Daisy, Dusty, Diablo, Buttercup, Peaches, Mellow Yellow, Ruby. Ruby had a foal called Prize in chapter fifteen.

The gymkhana is where the campers show off their skills at the end of camp.


  • Jan and Shannon are other counselors.
  • Camp Red Pines is a boys riding camp across the lake.
  • They have a swimming pool and a lake.