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Carol Olson is the wife of Jack Schafer, stepmother to Dawn and Jeff Schafer and mother of Elizabeth Grace Schafer-Olson. She lives with the family in Palo City, California. She's first mentioned in Mary Anne and the Great Romance.

Appearance and Personality[]


She's about thirty-two years old in Dawn's Big Move and California Girls!. In Dawn and the We Love Kids Club, she is described as wearing a dress, with a big, colorful beret in her red hair—and makeup, which is very unusual for her.


Carol tries to be hip, has tons of energy, pays a lot of attention to Jeff and Dawn. She tends to go overboard in Dawn and the We ♥️ Kids Club.


Dawn first learns about her in Dawn's Wicked Stepsister. Initially she rubs Dawn the wrong way in Mary Anne and Too Many Boys. Carol didn't keep a secret of Stacey's Californian Misadventures in California Girls!, which causes Dawn to respect her.

She and Mr. Schafer announce the engagement. Then fight and call it off, then they get back together again. He proposes with Jeff and Dawn's blessing and she accepts in Dawn and Whitney, Friends Forever. She had ugly furniture, but the moving truck got lost and the furniture was stolen out it. Carol admits that she never liked the furniture anyway and is actually relieved it's gone. Her beach wedding to Jack Schafer takes place on December 17 in Here Come the Bridesmaids!. They honeymoon in Puerta Vallarta.

She and Jack have a baby, Elizabeth Grace ("Gracie") in California Diaries #7 (Dawn, Diary Two). She had weird cravings, like tuna fish and chocolate. Carol had to stay in bed the last months of her pregnancy. Carol is very close and a motherly figure to Sunny. Carol always defends Sunny (even taking her side for the most part when she gets into a huge fight with her dad), and is always there when the Winslows need help.

In Mary Anne and Too Many Boys she has a friend who has two kids; Julie and Gregory. She volunteered to baby-sit them when she had a night off. When Jack surprises her with theater tickets, she gets Dawn and Jeff to baby-sit (which they are not happy about) while she and Jack go out.

In California Girls!, she doesn't keep Stacey's California adventure a secret, which causes Dawn to respect her. She borrowed a van from a friend to drive the BSC around in the book. She encouraged Stacey to learn how to surf. She also picked up Stacey from the hospital when she got into a car accident. Carol helped Stacey talk to Jack Schafer and Dawn Schafer about the car accident and call her parents

. By the end of the book Dawn accepted Carol.


She is a painter in California Girls!. In Dawn (California Diaries), it's mentioned that she's working in an office someplace.


  • Mr. Schafer's chimichangas (#72)
  • MTV (M#12)
  • Lava Lamps (SS#12)
  • Roller coasters
  • Rollerblading