Carol Schafer is the wife of Jack Schafer and the stepmother to Dawn and Jeff Schafer. She lives with the family in Palo City, California.

Carol and Jack split up for a while before their wedding. They eventually got married in December with Jeff and Dawn as their attendants. She had ugly furniture, but thankfully, the moving truck got lost, and their house was saved.

Dawn thought that Carol tried TOO hard to be cool and liked by her step-kids at first.

She drives a red Miata.

Her furnishings were stolen out of a moving van just before her wedding to Jack (Super Special 12 Here Come the Bridesmaids!).

She and Jack have a baby, Elizabeth Grace Schafer-Olson ("Gracie") in California Diaries #7 (Dawn, Diary Two). Carol had to stay in bed the last months of her pregnancy. She was very close and a motherly figure to Sunny. She had weird cravings, like tuna fish and chocolate. She is a very good cook. She is like a kid, but she is responsible when she needs to. She likes roller coasters.

Carol always defends Sunny, and is always there when the Winslows need help.

She especially loves Mrs. Bruen's cooking.


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