Carol Schafer is the wife of Jack Schafer and the stepmother to Dawn and Jeff Schafer. She lives with the family in Palo City, California.


She's about 32 or so. In Dawn and the We Love Kids Club, she is described to have red hair.


Carol tries to be hip, has tons of energy, pays a lot of attention to Jeff and Dawn. She tends to go overboard.

Dawn first learns about her in Dawn's Wicked Stepsister. Initially she rubs Dawn the wrong way. Carol didn't keep a secret of Stacey's Californian Misadventures in California Girls!, which causes Dawn to respect her.

She and Mr. Schafer announce the engagement. Then fight and call it off, then they get back together again. He proposes with Jeff and Dawn's blessing and she accepts. She had ugly furniture, but thankfully, the moving truck got lost, and their house was saved. Her furnishings were stolen out of a moving van just before her wedding to Jack. Carol marries Jack Schafer on December 17 in a beach wedding in Here Come the Bridesmaids!.

She and Jack have a baby, Elizabeth Grace Schafer-Olson ("Gracie") in California Diaries #7 (Dawn, Diary Two). She had weird cravings, like tuna fish and chocolate. Carol had to stay in bed the last months of her pregnancy.

Carol was very close and a motherly figure to Sunny. Carol always defends Sunny, and is always there when the Winslows need help.


She is a painter.


  • Mr. Schafers chimichangas.
  • MTV
  • Lava Lamps
  • Roller coasters


  • In Mary Anne to the Rescue, she has a friend that is a professional screamer. The friend is paid to scream for TV and movie disaster scenes.
  • Carol drives a red convertible Miata in Dawn and the We Love Kids Club.
  • She uses a fork to eat Thai food.
  • She and Jack like to cook together.


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