Carolyn Arnold is an eight-year-old BSC charge. Her twin sister is Marilyn Arnold and is one half of the Arnold Twins in the Arnold Family. She goes to Stoneybrook Elementary School.


She has brown hair and used to wear a silver ring on her right pinky and a beaded ID bracelet on her left wrist. She has a tiny mole under her left eye. She grows her hair long and has trendier clothes then her twin. She has become very fashion-conscious - it would kill her to wear the same thing two days in a row.


In Mary Anne's Makeover, Carolyn plays out a Back to the Future fantasy. She becomes like the mad scientist from the movie and makes her own time machine in their basement. She sells tickets to take kids on a ride. They eventually give the kids back their money after Mary Anne helps her distinguish between reality and fantasy.

Marilyn watches over her when she sprains her ankle.



  • James Hobart, she gave him a 3-D card to him at the masquerade party
  • Puzzles
  • Science
  • Reading
  • Writing



  • Carolyn is tone deaf.
  • Her room is blue and white with a cat theme.
  • She wants to be a scientist.
  • She carries an official-looking notebook and a pen in order to write down data.

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