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Carrot is Charlotte Johanssen's dog, he's a purebred schnauzer as mentioned in Dawn and the Disappearing Dogs.


Carrot has a gray coat and brown eyes. He has a stubby little tail, hair is short all over, except for his face where it's long and stiff. He has funny, spiky eyebrows; a muscular little dog.


He moves as if he he has springs inside. He always seems happy and excited. Carrot can "say his prayers" by putting his paws in lap and laying head down. Charlotte enters him in the pet show in Jessi and the Dance School Phantom. He was giving the award for most intelligent pet.

The command get out of the kitchen means get out of here.

Carrot has a bed underneath Mr. Johanssen's desk because he like cavelike spaces. He also likes to sleep underneath Dr. and Mr. Johanssen's bed.

His food is kept in a big bin inside the basement door; must add protein powder before serving.

Charlotte says that Carrot can laugh in Mary Anne and Camp BSC and that he won't anything unless you tell him to.


  • To be in the middle of things
  • Mister Manny-Man, a soft white fuzzy doll he loves to chew on, carry around, and sleep with
  • Sleeping, he sleeps later then the rest of the family