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Albert Caron Frame or Carson is Sunny Winslow friend who was introduced in Sunny (California Diaries).

Appearance and Personality[]

Sunny describes him as cute but not in a model-y way. He looks tougher, strong, chiseled looking chin, slightly crooked nose that looked as if it had been broken. He has a great tan and wavy black hair that falls over his face and blue-green eyes.

He calls himself a free spirit.


Carson first sees Sunny on Venice beach and helps her with a splinter and walks to the jetty with her. He's been traveling around California and has been to San Diego and Las Vegas for two days. When he was in Texas he was hired to shoot seagulls at the airport so they didn't get sucked into the jets. Carson walked away from the job after knowing what he had to do. Then he worked in a bookstore and quit when he didn't want to be bossed around because of his age.

Carson approved of Sunny cutting school.

Later, he is seen rejecting Sunny to run away with him. He plans on leaving California eventually.


  • He's been traveling and leaves when he's ready, enjoying the freedom.
  • Some of his fake names he gives includes: Neal Cassady and Dean Moriarty.
  • Carson is seventeen, from Cleveland, and hitched a ride to California.
  • He never graduated high school.
  • His mom has a boyfriend.
  • Sunny Winslow teaches him how to surf.