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Cary Retlin is an eighth-grader at Stoneybrook Middle School. He has two younger brothers Stieg Retlin and Benson Retlin and a member of the Retlin Family.

Appearance and Personality[]


Stacey McGill describes him as "cute" with straight blond hair and brown eyes.


In Abby and the Secret Society Cary’s made quite a first impression at SMS, as a practical joked and a mischief-maker, mostly. He’s kind of a puzzle, and nobody in the BSC had had much luck figuring out what makes him tick.


In Kristy Power! his brother, Stieg, told Kristy that Cary once stole gum from a store before. His mom caught him and made him return it. Stieg also tells her that he hogs the remote, he used to pinch him so hard until he cried, and Cary once cut all the hair off this girl's doll one time. His other brother, Ben, says that Cary used to be the star of his little league team when he was younger.

Cary first appears in Mystery #22 Stacey and the Haunted Masquerade, having just moved from Oak Hills, Illinois. His father, a locksmith, was a police officer until Cary was seven. Cary has two brothers, 8-year-old Stieg and 11-year-old Benson.

He is totally mellow yet a real live wire and seems completely at ease with a cool sense of humor. Kristy Thomas says that he's the sneakiest and cleverest person she's ever known. The BSC hasn't figured out quite how much trouble Cary is capable of making. Nobody at SMS has known him that long; he's a puzzle to figure out. Cary feels he keeps the BSC from becoming complacent and boring.

In Stacey and the Haunted Masquerade. Stacey is sure that he is the leader of a group known as Mischief Knights, but can't prove it. He dresses as a knight for the Mischief Night Masquerade dance at the end of the book. He won't deny or prove that it is really him.

He earns money working at the Greenbrook Club in Abby and the Secret Society. He tells Abby Stevenson he "believes that complications make life more interesting." The BSC can never tell whether he's giving a sincere compliment or not. Cary sends the BSC on a wild goosechase chasing a clue about penguins that didn't mean anything. He also admits to have sending fake notes between Mary Anne and Logan.

In Mystery 24 Mary Anne and the Silent Witness, Mary Anne says she doesn't trust him. Cary sends the BSC an April Fool's Day letter from the Stoneybrook Park System, proclaiming the area surrounding Ambrose's Sawmill will be renamed Baby-Sitters Walk.

In Mystery 25 Kristy and the Middle School Vandal, he erases the answers on Kristy's homework assignment and manages to steal the watch off Kristy's wrist without her realizing it. Cary gives the BSC a challenge: if they want him to stop his tricks, they must find eight of his clues in six days. One of the clues involves finding glitches in the computer program Claudia uses for her personnel's. Kristy believes he's the titular middle school vandal, but she's mistaken. Kristy wrongly accuses him of vandalism. He must spend two hours of "quality time" with Mr. Kingbridge in order to straighten things out. They end up giving up on the mystery war when Kristy asks him to break into Troy Parker's locker, so she can find proof that Troy is guilty. Cary stuffs Kristy's locker with perfume ads in the end.

In Mystery 33 Stacey and the Stolen Hearts, Stacey finds out that Cary often hangs out in the school basement. She goes there to accuse him of being the guilty party in the Valentine-gram mystery, but he makes her realize Alan Gray's the one behind the scheme. Cary admits helping Alan with the plan.

In book 122 Kristy in Charge, he and Kristy are forced to be partners for a special school program that makes both of them gym teachers for three days. They refuse to act as a team, and, as a result, students in the class they teach end up getting hurt. After that, they finally agree to work together.

In Kristy and the Cat Burglar, Cary is first seen bird watching. He is soon wrapped up in helping the BSC with the Cat Burglar mystery. Together they all solved the mystery.

He breaks into Alan's locker for Claudia to get a note meant for someone else in Claudia Gets Her Guy. Cary says that Alan is a great guy and talks to Claudia Kishi about not wanting her to hurt his feelings.

In Mary Anne's Revenge he helps Mary Anne and the BSC get back at Cokie Mason for the rumors she's been spreading. He met Mary Anne at the library after school one day and filled out Cokie's name on subscription magazine cards. Cary stole Cokie's cell phone.

He went on a group date with Alan and some members of the BSC in Claudia and the Disaster Date.


His bedroom is at the end of the hall. Cary has a poster of the universe with the words "you are here" pointing to the earth. He has paintings by M.C. Escher, Salvador Dali and Magritte on his walls. A bulletin board over his desk is covered with funny postcards, bizarre newspaper headlines, and cut out pictures of movie monsters.

Cary has a green plaid bedspread and curtains that look normal. His bedside table has a miniature skeleton with a light bulb held high in one hand.



  • Bird watching
  • Complications
  • The Knicks
  • Dogs


  • Unfairness


  • Kristy Thomas calls him her archenemy.
  • He's in Kristy's social studies class.
  • He's in Abby's homeroom.
  • Knows how to break into a locker.
  • The war between him and the BSC isn't quite over yet.
  • He knows about guns since his dad was once an officer.
  • Cary's first law of revenge is to have a secret weapon to fall back on.
  • In Mary Anne's Revenge he tied for the wittiest in the yearbook.
  • In Kristy Power!, he's writing a book and has several short stories as well.
  • Nannie calls him polite and well-spoken in Kristy Power!.

Book appearances[]