Cary Retlin is a minor character in the series. He's an eighth-grader at Stoneybrook Middle School, and has a reputation as a practical joker and troublemaker. He may or may not be the leader of a group known as Mischief Knights. Kristy Thomas calls him her archenemy. Alan Gray appears to be his closest friend.

His father, a locksmith, was a police officer until Cary was seven. Cary has two brothers, 8-year-old Stieg and 11-year-old Benson. The Retlin family lives near Miller's Park.

Cary has dirty-blond hair and blue eyes.

Through the series Edit

Cary first appears in Mystery #22 Stacey and the Haunted Masquerade, having just moved from Oak Hills, Illinois. At the end of the book, Stacey's convinced that he's the one behind multiple pranks that have been going on in the school. After telling Cary that, he replies that she doesn't have any actual proof despite her possibly being right.

In Mystery 25 Kristy and the Middle School Vandal, he gives the BSC a challenge: if they want him to stop his tricks, they must find eight of his clues in six days. Kristy believes he's the titular middle school vandal, but she's mistaken. They end up giving up on the mystery war when Kristy asks him to break into Troy Parker's locker, so she can find proof that Troy is guilty.

In Mystery 33 Stacey and the Stolen Hearts, Stacey finds out that Cary often hangs out in the school basement. She goes there to accuse him of being the guilty party in the Valentine-gram mystery, but he makes her realize Alan Gray's the one behind the scheme. Cary admits helping Alan with the plan.

In book 122 Kristy in Charge, he and Kristy are forced to be partners for a special school program that makes both of them gym teachers for three days. They refuse to act as a team, and, as a result, students in the class they teach end up getting hurt. After that, they finally agree to work together.

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