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The Cates Family is a family that lives in Stoneybrook, CT. They make their only appearance in Mary Anne and the Haunted Bookstore.


One of the men working for Mr. Cates recommended the BSC to him. He opened the bookstore, Poe and Co., when he first moved to Stoneybrook. Mary Anne Spier is the first to sit for the kids.

Annabel Lee Cates moved into a new apartment after the divorce. Tom blamed his dad for the divorce and Gillian blamed herself. Both really miss their mom. They liked to tease and play pranks on Ms. Spark since they knew she liked their dad.

Family Members[]

  • Mr. Larry Cates
  • Tom (10)
  • Gillian (7)


  • Pluto, a black cat
  • Lenore, a raven


They live on the second floor of the bookstore. Gillian's room has wallpaper with roses on it. Tom's room had wallpaper with guns on it that will be taken down. Gillian has a pink bedspread that matches. One of the bedrooms was turned into a living room.


  • Cillia Spark is a family friend and is romantically interested in Larry Cates.
  • The kids go to Stoneybrook Elementary School.
  • Tom is in the same class as Byron Pike and they become friends. Byron encourages him to join the baseball team.
  • Gillian is in the same class as Margo Pike.
  • Larry Cates has dark hair that reaches his shirt collar. Tom is tall and thin with dark wavy hair. Gillian has light brown hair that is very straight. All three have dark eyes.