Cecelia Parker (or Aunt Cecelia) is the older sister of Jessi Ramsey's father, John Ramsey. In Book 36, she moves in with the Ramseys to help take care of the house and kids after Jessi's mother, Janice Ramsey goes back to work.

Cecelia lived in Oakley, New Jersey until her husband, Steven passed away & she moved to Queenstown, Connecticut. At first, Aunt Cecelia was strict with Jessi and Becca which causes the girls to play pranks on her. After a family meeting, Cecelia says that she was worried that she wouldn't be as good of a sitter as Jessi & that she only wants the girls to grow up well.

Cecelia has son named Michael Parker, who lives in Brooklyn, New York with his wife, Marian. She is very supportive of Jessi's pursuit of ballet. She wears thick, smelly perfume and her lips are constantly pursed (according to Jessi). She drives a Volkswagen and has a friend named Mr. Major whom in Book 82, Jessi & Becca thought that they were getting married, but they're not.

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