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Charlie Thomas
Full name

Charlie Thomas


Charles "Charlie" Thomas






17 (16 at first)


Brewer/Thomas Family


Stoneybrook High School
Boiceville State


Junior (books 1-9)
12th (10-Graduation Day)

First Appearance

Kristy's Great Idea

Final Appearance

Graduation Day

Portrayed by

Ethan Farrell (Netflix series)

Charles "Charlie" Thomas is the seventeen-year-old son of Elizabeth Thomas-Brewer and Patrick Thomas. He is the older brother of Sam, Kristy, and David Michael Thomas. He is the stepson of Watson Brewer. He is the stepbrother of Karen and Andrew Brewer and the adoptive older brother of Emily Michelle Brewer. He narrated his own chapter in Graduation Day.


He just got his driver's license in Kristy's Big Day. Charlie's car is called the Junk Bucket which is described as sort of gray with scratches & dents and the fenders rusting. He drives Kristy (and later Abby) to the BSC club meetings and sitting jobs in their old neighborhood & gets gas money from the club treasury. He is also an excellent driver in the rain.

He attends Stoneybrook High School along with Sam where he plays varsity football and intramural basketball in Kristy and Mr. Mom. Charlie has been on the varsity team since Kristy's Great Idea. He taught Kristy the basics of baseball when she was little and helped her coach the Krushers Softball Klinic.

In Mind Your Own Business, Kristy!, Charlie recalled his mother showing him how write a check to help his mother pay the bills, after the bank called about a mortgage payment. He would also help feed David Michael late at night when his mom was exhausted. Kristy says that she really looked up to Charlie ever since.

Charlie used to share a bedroom with Sam. He also remembers holding Kristy when she was baby in Kristy and the Haunted Mansion.

In Kristy's Big Day, Charlie refuses to go to his father's wedding in California. Kristy tells a story where he once turned their white clothes pink and then used a yellow towel to make it look orange. He also cut everyone's hair to keep everyone from going to a barber.

He once went to a Halloween Party at the Gable House and said that house was creepy. Charlie heard Alex Gable say that he wanted to fix it up and live in it in Mary Anne and the Haunted Bookstore.

In Graduation Day, it's mentioned that Charlie didn't start applying for colleges until it was on the late side. Charlie stayed up for three nights trying to write a letter to his future self. He writes that it's been tough since his dad left and how strong his mother been through it all. He calls Patrick Thomas a jerk and that they were fine without him. Charlie mentions how proud he is of himself to help his mom. He hopes that he's never irresponsible like his dad and tries hard in everything he does. He mentions that he really wants to go to college.

He decided to go to Boiceville State even though he applied late. The school is forty five minutes away and he plans on living on campus. Charlie decided that he would try to transfer to the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) the next year or halfway through his first semester.


Charlie worked as a gofer for the assistant-assistant stage manager on the set of the movie "Little Vampires" in Kristy and the Vampires.

He also has a summer job. 

In Karen's Paper Route he and Sam pick up Kristy and Karen's paper route.


  • Loves to play and follow baseball
  • Enjoys comedy
  • Kids
  • Blade (rock band) (#107)
  • Reading baseball books