Charlotte Johanssen photo from book 43
Charlotte Johanssen is a shy eight year old only child who becomes quite close to Stacey McGill.

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Stacey has described Charlotte as her 'almost sister'. Becca Ramsey is Charlotte's best friend, she also writes cheers for the Kristy's Krushers cheerleaders (Haley Braddock and Vanessa Pike). Charlotte loves reading and dislikes sports.

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In "Little Miss Stoneybrook ...and Dawn", Claudia convinces Charlotte to enter the Little Miss Stoneybrook beauty pageant for girls ages 5-8 in Stoneybrook. Charlotte is not very enthusiastic about it because she does not think she is pretty enough to win a beauty pageant. Claudia thinks Charlotte is pretty but tells her that it's not just about beauty, there is also talent and interview. Charlotte does not know what to do for talent because she thinks the only thing she knows how to do is read, but that gives her the idea that she can memorize part of a story and act it out. But when pageant day comes, she is too scared and during her talent act she leaves the stage and cries and her parents have to take her home. Claudia feels really bad for pushing her into doing the pageant.

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Charlotte on the cover of Mystery #10.

She likes pretzels. She has a dog named Carrot. She is now more talkative and outgoing. She plays the piano very well. She loves books. Her favorite book is the Cricket at Times Square. Her second favorite sitter is Claudia. She calls her mom mommy. She loves fudge. She likes reading the newspaper, and usually reads the bad stories aloud. She skipped second grade, and was called teachers pet when she was seven. She is learning how dogs are affected by body language. She has a toy doctor set. She made fudge with Becca. She is Swedish American. She wrote her own book, the girl who moved away. She taught Carrot how to say his prayers. She liked Polly's fine candy. She made a booth for the math fair with Haley. She went to Paris with her mom. While staying at Stacey's house because her parents are out of town, she gets sick with tonsillitis.

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