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Chris Lamar is a student in Ms. Colman's second grade class at Stoneybrook Academy with Karen Brewer.


In illustrations he is the only boy in Ms. Colman's class with blonde hair. Initially, he is depicted with a round face (on the covers of LS#5, Author Day and the class picture), but in later illustrations he is depicted with a longer and more angular face.


Chris attends Mrs. Stone's farm camp in Karen's County Fair. He was in the group growing vegetables with Hannie Papadakis and Charlotte. He appeared in Mary Anne and Camp BSC as one of the campers. He once went to a circus camp before.

He and Bobby Gianelli participated in the snow sculpture contest in Karen's Sleigh Ride.

Chris was on the Red Brigade in Karen's School Mystery. He passed along his badge and belt in a ceremony at the end of the month with Jannie Gilbert.

In Karen's Twin, it's mentioned he lives with his aunt and uncle who are like parents to him. Karen said that he went to Funland twice and told everyone about it twice in Karen's Lucky Penny.

Chris writes to Tough Tommy Blackcat for the class celebrity cook book in Karen's Cooking Contest. He said that he liked bean dip with tortilla chips. Tommy sent Chris a signed picture as well.



  • Picking on Pamela in Baby Animal Zoo. If she didn't hold a baby animal he and his friends would wear a shirt that says Pamela Is the Biggest Baby at Stoneybrook Academy to school everyday for a month.
  • Tough Tommy (LS#93)


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