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Christina Thomas is a former resident of Stoneybrook, CT. Her story is only told in Kristy and the Missing Fortune.


Kristy Thomas finds her name in a copy of The Stoneybrooke Town Record dated from 1864 in Watson's library. Christina was born September 7, 1845. Her date of death is unknown. Her parents, John and Rachel Thomas of Squirelot, died in 1861 in a freak carriage accident.

The accident made her family rich. Her parents estate was divided among Christina and her brothers Devon and Edward. Authorities report that, according to her brother Edward (the last Stoneybrook resident to see her), a small fortune in gold, as well as documents representing a share of the Thomas family holdings disappeared with her.

Christina disappeared on or around the 8th of January of 1863 under mysterious circumstances. A scullery maid insisted that Christina had been headed for Pennsylvania, but no trace of her was ever found in that state or in any town between it and Stoneybrook.

Her brother Devon, had a business partner by the name of Simon Clock. Devon wanted her to marry him despite having no interest. He wanted to use her money to build up the business. Christina was in love with a union solider named Henry Gordon. They planned to elope, but before they could he was shipped out to Pennsylvania. She ran to him but killed in battle before she arrived. Devon never tried to find her, furious with her for humiliating him by refusing to marry his friend, and stated publicity that he was glad to be rid of her.

Christina's letter to Henry tells her to meet him at their special place at 10 pm, on Valentine's Day 1863. A box of hers was found buried. The box had: a locket of herself (where she looked so much like Kristy), a letter to Henry saying that the gold was with her, and the original lease to the land. The note on the lease says it was to be inherited by Henry.  The note went on to say, “And, in the case of Henry’s death, be it known that I, Christina Thomas, bequeath this land to the village of Stoneybrooke, which will always be my heart’s true home.”

Kristy decided that she had probably taken the gold and made herself a new life, away from her horrible brother and his greedy schemes.


  • Her brother Devon has a son named Devon and the name has been passed on to Devon the fourth. That side of the family doesn't live in Stoneybrook anymore. Devon the IV has is too busy and has a contracting buiness that has gotten so big.
  • Her brother, Edward, had three children: Scott, Mary, and Ellen. Mary never had any children, and Kristy Thomas has a vague mention of her dad talking about a great-great aunt Mary. However, Mary Anne, Claudia, and Kristy couldn't find any info about Scott's descendants. Ellen had a son named Peter Abbott and Peter had a daughter named Mildred Abbott.
  • Kristy Thomas and her immediate family could be related to her. Mary Anne, Claudia, and Kristy never found info about Scott's family during the research. Since it's never known what happened to Christina, she could be directly related to Christina herself if she or her descendents married someone with the surname Thomas.
  • Her family's mansion now belongs to Stoneybrook and is the location of the Arboretum.