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Christopher Armstrong is the former mayor of Stoneybrook. He is only seen in Abby and the Secret Society.


Christopher was not well liked, except by the few people in his favor. He was known, as Pop-Pop Porter put it, as “a strong-armer,” which meant that he had ways of making people do what he wanted them to do. Pop-Pop also mentioned that he’s heard rumors about the secret society, and that he suspected that Armstrong might have been part of it. Granny Porter was unaware if he was even alive or not.

He was one of the few men still in Stoneybrook during World War Two because of a heart problem. He has golf trophies on display at the country club.

He visited Dark Woods Country Club, which was now fixed up to be called The Greenbrook Club. He is disappointed to see that it was being fixed up and not exclusive anymore. Christopher was friends with the owner, Nikki Stanton-Cha's, father Paul Stanton. He tried to get Paul to join his secret society but would never convince him.

Christopher knew the layout of the maze at the club and went in search of the bunker in the middle of it. Members of the Baby-sitters Club and Sergeant Johnson followed him. The bunker housed all the photocopies of blackmail notes and records of all kids of extortion. The names, dates, and places were all spelled out-with Mayor Armstrong’s name. He grabbed Stephen Stanton-Cha trying to keep them from finding it and stopped by Paul Stanton.

He was apprehended and Armstrong confessed to everything. Even to rigging the brakes on David Follman's car - although he insisted that he never meant to kill him. He just wanted to scare him. Christopher will be charged with assault, however, it's unclear the charges will stick. Same with the charges against him for the blackmail and extortion. Even with Stanton testifying, Armstrong may not spend much, if any, time in jail.


  • He carries a cane with a silver duck head on the top of it.
  • He still lives in Stoneybrook somewhere.