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Cillia Spark is a woman who is only seen in Mary Anne and the Haunted Bookstore.


Cillia is first introduced as helping Larry Cates open Poe and Co., a bookstore specializing in mystery books. She and Larry have romantic feelings for each other. His children, Tom and Gillian do not really like her and play pranks on her.

Cillia and Mr. Cates promoted the store by staging their own mystery. They would plant the sound of a heartbeat in the walls. Cilla used to work in set design in California and used her skills to rig up a "ghost" in the basement. They even trained a raven to fly in through an open window, and kept it as a store pet. The news coverage of the mystery gave them more exposure.

She decided to stay and work in the bookstore in the end.


  • She has curly short blond hair and dimples.
  • Cillia doesn't like Chinese food, which caused a rift with Tom Cates.
  • Mr. Cates calls her a bookstore designer when he introduced her to a reporter.
  • She was married once before.