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Class Play is the third book in The Kids in Ms. Colman's Class series.

Back Cover[]

Ms. Colman's class is putting on a play. Everyone is excited about Alice in Wonderland. Especially Leslie Morris. Leslie loves to act. She would be the perfect Alice.

But then Karen is chosen for the part of Alice. Karen is a big show-off. Leslie hates the class play now. Maybe she can ruin it...


Main Plot[]

Ms. Colman announces that the class will put on the Alice in Wonderland play. There will be two performances: one in the afternoon for students and teachers, and one in the evening for parents and family and friends. Mrs. Graff, one of the fifth grade teachers, will direct the play. First, Ms. Colman reads the story aloud to the students, then the students read aloud the play script. On Thursday, students audition for parts in the play, and Mrs. Graff decides on who will play what part. Karen gets the part of Alice, which annoys Leslie, because she doesn't like Karen. Leslie gets the part of Tweedledee, which she hates in part because she finds the costume weird, and because she wanted to be Alice. Jannie gets the part of Tweedledum and is more enthusiastic, because she and Leslie will get to perform together.

During the first rehearsal, most of the students find they don't like Mrs. Graff very much. She is strict and seems to be mean, and not very fun. Leslie decides she hates her, and sees that Ms. Colman is often frowning while observing Mrs. Graff direct. That night, Leslie and her family are eating dinner when Ms. Colman calls Mrs. Morris on the phone. Mrs. Morris, who used to direct plays in New York, is asked if she would like to take over as director for the play. Mrs. Morris agrees as long as Leslie is okay with it. Leslie is happy to have her mother direct because she assumes that means she will assign new parts, and maybe Leslie will get to play Alice.

The next day, Leslie's mom tells her they will not recast the parts in the play. Meanwhile, her classmates love Mrs. Morris as a play director, and seem to be having much more fun, which annoys Leslie. Leslie comes up with a plan to sabotage the play. The next day, prop day, the kids bring in the props they've been assigned to bring. Leslie starts her plan - first, she slips the brass key prop into her pocket. Next, she takes Karen's playbook and puts it under a trash can. Lastly, she takes a paintbrush with red paint and begins to try to paint over the Cheshire Cat's tree. However, she is caught by Jannie, who is mad at Leslie for her behavior, and tells her she should just drop out of the play. Leslie says she'll talk to her mother that night and say she's dropping out.

That night, Leslie tells her mother her decision. Her mother calls Ms. Colman to tell her, and says that she will no longer direct because she thinks Leslie might rejoin the play if she is not the director. Leslie listens to this conversation and wants to tell her mother that she has it all wrong, but can't say anything because then her mother would know she was eavesdropping.

The next day, Ms. Colman tells her disappointed class the news, and that Mrs. Graff will be taking over once again. Natalie will be replacing Leslie as Tweedledee, which she is not happy about. The rehearsal goes badly again as expected. This prompts Leslie to confess to Ms. Colman, who asks Leslie to apologize to Mrs. Graff. Ms. Colman explains everything to Mrs. Morris, who she asks to return as director. Leslie agrees to rejoin the play as Tweedledee.

The next few days are bad and good for Leslie. The rehearsals go well, but her mother gives her the punishment of no TV for a week. By the first dress rehearsal, Leslie is actually having a bit of fun. The play goes well and Leslie and Jannie both agree their duet as Tweedledee and Tweedledum was very good. Leslie and Jannie make up from their fight, and Leslie says she can't wait for their next performance.

Secondary Plots[]

Characters in this book[]


Alice in Wonderland roles[]


  • Mr. Morris
  • Mrs. Morris
  • Barbara Morris


  • Mrs. Graff

Places in this book[]

Continuity and Inconsistencies[]



  • Nancy doesn't want to be in the class play despite wanting to be an actress when she gets older.
  • Hank says his mom called an antique store, however, his parents are divorced and his mom lives in Florida.


  • On the dedication page it says "This book is in honor of the birth of Laura Caroline Hemphill."
  • Leslie calls Ricky, Bobby, and Hank barf-head which they find amusing and they call her stink-head in return.
  • In Karen's Surprise, Karen was the Thanksgiving Turkey. This time, she got Alice.
  • Pop culture and real life references includes: Alice in Wonderland,
  • Jannie sits in front of Leslie.
  • Both Jannie and Leslie were mean to Karen when she skipped a grade. Leslie was jealous and Jannie was upset that she was younger then everyone.
  • Natalie is asked to play Tweedledee when Leslie drops out of the play and hated the part.
  • Everyone in Ms. Colman's class was planning on watching the monster marathon on Saturday morning.