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Claudia Saves the Day is one of the seven The Baby-Sitters Club Mini Books that came with the 1993 Kenner BSC Dolls.

Mini Book Series Premise[]

The stories contained in all seven mini books that came with the Kenner dolls were set on the same day, a Saturday, in the same location, the Washington Mall. Dawn, Mallory, Kristy and Mary Anne are responsible for charges, while Claudia, Stacey, and Jessi are at the mall on their own or with friends. In the stories (when mentioned), the characters are wearing the same outfits as their dolls.


Claudia is shopping at Steven E with Stacey and her boyfriend Robert. Both Claudia and Stacey need a dress for the basketball team dance, but Claudia is more confident she'll find something in her closet. Claudia slips quietly out of the store to do some other shopping. She is determined to buy some Nancy Drew books, since her parents forbid her to read anything but Great Literature.

On her way to the bookstore, Claudia stops at several other stores. She buys two earrings outside Toy Town, funky ruby-colored slippers, and a sixties-style polka dot dress at vintage clothing store Time and Again. Once she arrives at the bookstore, she has her outfit for the basketball team dance, with enough money left for one Nancy drew and a box of Goobers. She catches a glimpse of a few other BSC members on her way back to Steven E to meet Stacey.

In addition, after she arrives back at Steven E, Stacey's mini book Stacey Hates Shopping reveals that she also helps find Stacey the perfect outfit for the dance.

Full Story[]

Claudia Saves the Day complete mini book