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This article is about the original novel. For the graphic novel, see Claudia and Mean Janine (Graphic Novel). For the Netflix episode, see Claudia and Mean Janine (episode).

Claudia and Mean Janine is the 7th book in The Baby-Sitters Club series.

Back Cover Summary

Claudia's sister is mean! She's too busy being smart to be nice. Even Claudia's grandmother, Mimi, can't get close to Janine. Plus, Mean Janine puts down the Baby-sitters Club. And that makes Claudia MAD!

This summer the members of the Baby-sitters Club are starting a play group in the neighborhood. Claudia can't wait for it to begin. But then Mimi has a stroke...and the whole summer changes.

Now Claudia has to spend her time "Mimi-sitting" instead of baby-sitting. And things with Janine are going from bad to worse. One of the Kishi sisters has to start being nicer. And it's sure not going to be Claudia!

Main Plot

Claudia has an older sister named Janine. While Claudia focuses on her art, the club's new playgroup, and the Baby-sitters Club, Janine is constantly hovered over her computer, studying. Janine is perfect, takes college level classes, and gets all A's, even on the college level courses. Claudia feels like she can't compete with Janine. To her, there is only one member of the Kishi family who understands: Mimi.

Claudia's grades begin to slip, so her parents tell her that she has to either give up art and babysitting, or get better grades. Mimi begins to tutor Claudia. Claudia likes it way better than when Janine tutors her.

When Mimi has a bad stroke, it is up to Claudia to improve her own grades, help Mimi, babysit, AND help out at the playgroup.


Claudia's Family

BSC Members



  • Beverly McManiman - girl Claudia hated as a kid (mentioned)



Pop Culture and Real-Life References

  • Kermit the Frog
  • Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Nancy Drew books
  • Guinness Book of World Records
  • Babe Ruth
  • Webster's Dictionary
  • Candy Land
  • Johnson's baby shampoo
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • The Saggy Baggy Elephant (book)
  • King Kong

Continuity and Inconsistencies



Differences in the Reprints

  • The 2020 edition removed the reference to Polaroid photographs in Chapter 13 (on the assumption modern readers might not be familiar with them). The original edition reads "I joined my friends, who were looking at the Polaroid pictures Mr Newton was taking. It was fun to watch each print change from a brownish blank to a clear color photo." The 2020 edition reads "I joined my friends, who were looking at the pictures Mr Newton was taking."

Ann M. Martin's Dear Reader Letter

Dear Reader,

Claudia and Mean Janine is Claudia’s second book in the series, and the first book in which her sister, Janine, becomes a more important character. Now the reader can see the rivalry between the sisters. In a way, this was based on the relationship I had with my sister, Jane, when we were growing up. Neither Jane nor I was exactly like Claudia or Janine, but we were very different from one another. Jane was more outgoing and I was quieter. Jane was athletic, and I hated sports. We were closer in age than Claudia and Janine, and it seemed as if we fought about everything. Now that I think about it, most of our fights were over very small things that we can’t even remember now. And here’s the good news: Once Jane and I grew up, we became best friends.


  • The 1987 original printing and 1995 reprint covers have different taglines, which is unusual. Claudia and the Great Search also has a different tagline from the original to the reprint.
  • On the dedication page it reads "for Aunt Adele and Uncle Paul." There's also a page thanking Claudia Werner for her help.
  • Watson lives about three miles from Bradford Court.
  • Kristy says she offered to pay Charlie to drive her to and from BSC meetings, and to and from her sitting jobs; he accepted. But in all other books, it’s only mentioned that he gets paid to drive Kristy to and from meetings.
  • Claudia had her birthday just before the events of this book.
  • Claudia has been giving Janine's hand me down clothes to Kristy and Mary Anne supposedly.
  • Mimi came to America in her 30s. Her husband died not long after Claudia’s parents got married.
  • Stacey gets a haircut just before chapter 2.
  • Charlie passed his drivers test and agrees to drive Kristy to meetings.
  • Jobs scheduled but unseen: Claudia for Jamie, Stacey for Charlotte,
  • The playgroup is held at Stacey's house.
  • Mallory helps with the playgroup as a sitter in training.
  • When Claudia messes up the phone number for Chez Maurice she accidentally calls the Arnold Family, who would later become clients.
  • Lucy Newton has her christening in this book.
  • Jenny and Karen do not like each other.
  • Andrew scares Jenny.
  • Rioko knows at least some Japanese to translate for Mimi.
  • The Perkins moved into Kristy's house.
  • This book ends with the premise of the following book, with Mrs. Pike calling and the BSC deciding Mary Anne and Stacey would go.


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