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This article is about the graphic novel. For the original novel see Claudia and the Bad Joke.

Claudia and the Bad Joke is a graphic novel by Arley Nopra and the 15th installment of the BSC Graphic Novels that was published December 26, 2023.[1] It is based on the original novel Claudia and the Bad Joke and is the third graphic novel that Claudia narrates. This is the first BSC graphic novel by Nopra.

Back Cover Summary[]

Claudia isn't worried when she hears her newest baby-sitting charge, Betsy Sobak, is a big practical joker. After all, how much harm can one little girl do? Plenty. Claudia breaks her leg as a result of one of Betsy's jokes. Now Claudia is feeling like baby-sitting might be too dangerous and she's talking about quitting the club. Kristy thinks Betsy needs to be taught a lesson, and that the baby-sitters are just the ones to do it. Watch out, Betsy Sobak. The joke war is on!


Differences Between the Book and Graphic Novel[]

  • In the original novel, Mary Anne sneaks Tigger into the hospital to see Claudia. This doesn't happen in the graphic novel, as he is replaced with a stuffed cat instead with Mary Anne saying she brought the plush as the next best thing.
  • Ashley Wyeth visits Claudia briefly in the hospital but doesn't pressure Claudia to give up baby-sitting to focus more on art instead. Claudia instead thinks this on her own and that she should because she's afraid she might have broken her arm or hand, but later admits that she used it as a cover for her anger and shame at the accident happening at all.



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