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Claudia and the Missing Jewels
Season 1, Episode 6
6 Claudia Missing Jewels BSC VHS front original
Air date November 2, 1991
Written by Mary Pleshette Willis
Directed by Lynn Hamrick
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"Claudia and the Missing Jewels" is the sixth episode in The Baby-Sitters Club TV series. The episode first aired on November 2, 1991 on HBO.


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Back Cover Summary[]

Claudia's fabulous jewelry designs are a huge hit at the Stoneybrook Crafts Fair. She is on the road to fame and fortune...until she discovers that the jewelry has vanished. Can the baby-sitters solve the mystery of the missing jewels? Watch and find out!


Claudia and the girls help Claudia set up a table at the Stoneybrook Crafts Fair and as the others leave, a woman named Ms. Olga, who owns a jewelry store, walks up and is impressed by Claudia's jewelry. She ask Claudia if she could make four more pair of earrings so she could sell at her store and gives Claudia fifty dollars as a down payment and informs Claudia that she needed them in a week.

The next day at the club meeting the girls discuss Ms. Olga's offer along with a plant sale they a planning. They receive a phone call from Kristy's mom who needs a sitter for Kristy's step-sister, Karen. Kristy and Claudia are the only ones free but Kristy can't do it due to having a book report due so Claudia takes the job. Kristy and Claudia decide that when Kristy is done with her book report they can discuss Claudia's business with Ms. Olga.

At Watson's house the next day Kristy is trying to do her book report but Karen keeps interrupting her and trying to tell Kristy about her treasure tree. Kristy tries to ask Karen to keep it down so she can finish but Karen is unable to control herself and Kristy decides to go do her book report elsewhere and as she gets up to leave she bumps into Julie, a woman Kristy's mom hired to help with the things around the house, like laundry, who had just arrived. Julie inquires on how they are doing and Kristy reluctantly answers her. Julie noticed Kristy's attitude and ask what's wrong and Karen informs her of Kristy's frustration with her. Later Claudia shows up to baby-sit Karen and while they are in the middle of a Go Fish game Kristy comes in after finishing her book report and her, Karen and Claudia check out the earrings Claudia had made for Ms. Olga. Karen is really enjoying the earrings but Kristy keeps trying to keep Karen from playing with them. They decide to have Watson take them in to see Ms. Olga the following week since he's going into the city. Kristy and Claudia then leave the earrings in a box (that Kristy use to use for baseball cards) on Kristy's dresser.

The next day the girls go out shopping for plants for their planet sale spending all but ten dollars of the fifty dollars from Claudia's deposit.

On the day the Kristy and Claudia are going with Watson into the city so Claudia can give Ms. Olga the earrings, they are missing from on top of Kristy's dresser. Kristy has Claudia stall Ms. Olga while she calls an emergency meeting of the Baby-Sitters Club. When Claudia arrives back from talking with Ms. Olga she tells the girls that she was given another week and if the order wasn't in Ms. Olga was gonna cancel and that the deposit would have to be returned. The rest of the girls ask who was in the house when they left the earrings and when Kristy names off that it was her, Karen, Claudia and Julie, Kristy automatically accuses Julie of being the one who took the earrings. The other girls are skeptical and so Kristy decides they should spy on Julie.

The next day they do exactly just that but eventually lose Julie and when they all meet up at the pizza restaurant, Julie walks in but Jessi is the only one who notices. She quietly tries to hint that Julie is at the counter and eventually points to the counter and all the girls see Julie. Claudia notices that Julie is wearing her earrings and is very upset by this and now all the girls believe she did take them. They all decide Kristy should confront Julie about the earrings. When Kristy gets home she ask Karen if Julie was there but Julie had already left for the day as there was no more work for her to do and informs Kristy that Julie will be at the plant sale the next day. Karen then tries to show Kristy her treasure tree but Kristy tells Karen she doesn't have time and walks off.

The next day at the plant sale Kristy and the girls wait nervously for Julie to arrive while they attend to the customers and ask Karen (who still wants to show Kristy her tree) to let them know when Julie arrives, which she does and Karen tells Kristy. Kristy then, reluctantly, approaches Julie and informs her of the earrings being Claudia's and states Julie took them. Julie upset by the accusation gives the earrings back and tells Kristy that it was Karen who had given her the earrings for her birthday. She then tells Kristy it isn't nice to go around accusing people of stealing and then rushes off. Kristy then confronts Karen about the earrings and her taking them and Karen tells Kristy off for not wanting to listen to her and runs off to her treasure tree.

When the other girls confront Kristy about what is going on, she informs them it was Karen who took the earrings. The other girls point out that Karen isn't a thief and that she did this all to get Kristy's attention. While the other girls watch the plant sale, Kristy decides to go and talk to Karen. Karen reveals to Kristy that she doesn't feel special and accuses Kristy of liking the other kids she baby-sits over her. Kristy tells Karen this isn't true and admits she doesn't show it well to Karen with her actions and that she takes Karen for granted since they are sisters. Karen then shows Kristy what is in her tree, which includes the other three earrings.

The girls then decide as a way to apologize to Julie for falsely accusing her of stealing the earrings to throw her a surprise birthday party. The girls have Karen take Julie into the dining room where they have the party set up and when Julie arrives she is pleasantly surprised and accepts the girls apology. They give Julie a new pair of earrings that Claudia made specifically for her and Kristy informs Julie that Karen kept them safe in her treasure tree. They then bring out a cake and have Julie cut it for them all and the episode ends with Kristy giving Karen a hug.

VHS Release[]

  • GoodTimes - January 1992
  • KidVision - July 1994


  • This is the first and only appearance of Julie in the TV series, she is not seen again nor is she mentioned after this episode. It is unknown what happened to her or if she still works for the Brewers-Thomases.
  • It is unexplained what happened with Ms. Olga or Claudia's earrings. Ms. Olga is not mentioned again after this nor is she seen again.
  • While this is the sixth episode in the series, digital releases of series have this as the twelfth episode for unknown reasons.