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Claudia and the Recipe for Danger is the 21st book in The Baby-Sitters Club Mystery series.

Back Cover Summary[]

When a big baking contest comes to Stoneybrook, Claudia can't wait to enter. Her excitement is catching, and soon the whole BSC is involved.

But Claud's very first cake falls, even though she was really careful. Her ingredients must have been tampered with. And Claudia's not the only baking victim. It looks as if someone is stirring up major mischief — by sabotaging other people's entries!

Claudia is determined to find out who's to blame. But she'll have to hurry... the competition is getting more dangerous every day!



The children of the adult contestants are at a day-care watched by members of the BSC. They create their own mini restaurant that they put together on the last day of the competition. Kyle Farmer, an out of towner, was acting out and his sister Megan was taking the blame for him. He's been acting out since his dad left and once tried to run away.

Characters in this book[]

Claudia's Family

BSC Members




  • Marty Nisson
  • Mr. Johanssen (mentioned)
  • Mrs. Newton (mentioned)
  • A grandmother from Brooklyn (mentioned)
  • Ms. Singer - out of towner (mentioned)
  • Restaurant reviewer from the Stoneybrook News - judge
  • Unnamed Judge
  • Anna Salerno, a woman that runs Maria's restaurant in Stamford and judge
  • Mr. Herriot, president and CEO of Mrs. Goode's Cookware
  • Mr. Kleinman - one of the contestants parents
  • Mr. and Mrs. Lu - one of the contestants parents
  • Mr. Downey - one of the contestants parents
  • Mr. Blume (mentioned)

Places in this book[]

Pop Culture and Real-Life References[]

  • The Lion King

Continuity and Inconsistencies[]



  • Mary Anne hates to cook but knows her way around the kitchen.
  • Anna Salerno goes from being a restaurent owner in chapter 6 to a bakery owner in chapter fourteen


  • Claudia is really good at cake decorating but not that great a baking.
  • Claudia's charm bracelet is her life, if the BSC members were charms:
    • Kristy= baseball
    • Mary Anne= kitten
    • Dawn= sunglasses
    • Stacey= miniature Empire State Building
    • Jessi= toe shoe
    • Mal= pencil
    • Logan= soccer ball
    • Shannon= drama faces
  • The Kishis get cordless phones and Claudia really likes it since she walks around the house trying it.
  • Kristy is not a fan of the Cincinnati Reds
  • Logan won a round with a fruit cake.
  • Claudia loves shopping anytime and anywhere even at a hardware stores.
  • The Kishi's have an ant problem in their garage.
  • It's unclear why the contestants couldn't do their dishes after everything was done or bring their own water to use.


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