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Note: This article is about the episode, you might be looking for the book by the same name. Please see Claudia and the Sad Good-bye.

"Claudia and the Sad Good-bye" is the seventh episode of Season 2 of Netflix reboot. It is based on Claudia and the Sad Good-bye, the twenty-sixth book of the original Baby-Sitters Club series [1]

Episode Description[]

A heartbreaking turn of events redefines Claudia's life and - with loving support from her friends and family - pushes her out of her comfort zone.


Claudia is heartbroken when she hears that her grandmother, Mimi, passed away in her sleep due to health problems. Claudia doesn't feel like herself anymore, so she decides to stay with the McGill family.


Returning Cast[]

New Cast[]

Similarities to Source Material[]

  • Mimi still dies.
  • Claudia was distracting herself in the book, but it was with art rather than shopping.
  • Janine still went through Mimi's jewelry after the funeral.
  • The stories Claudia and Janine share about Mimi are mentioned in the book.
  • Although not shown, Maureen and Ed were fighting which Stacey tells the BSC about.
  • Mimi knew her time was coming and had been planning her own funeral for awhile.

Differences from Source Material[]

  • Janine came out to Claudia when she said that Ashley Wyeth was her girlfriend. Janine's sexuality was never discussed in the book, but she had a boyfriend for awhile.
  • There is no mentions of Mrs. Kishi's sister Peaches Benedict. The story Claudia shares about following the ambulance is about Peaches (rather than Mr. Kishi) in the book.
  • Mimi dies at home in the episode (and appears to be fairly healthy) while she dies at the hospital due to effects of her stroke in the book.
  • Janine tells the story about Mimi's slice of pizza instead of Kristy like in the book.
  • The origin of Mary Anne's name is never explained.
  • Stacey is comforting Claudia after Mimi’s death, but in the book Stacey still lived in New York.

Pop Culture References[]

Songs Used[]

  • "In Fantasia" by Kishi Bashi


  • Stacey mentions her great-grandfather living in a nursing home in upstate New York, which was never mentioned in the book.
  • Karen is now 8 instead of 7 like in the original book.
  • Old Ben Brewer is mentioned again.
  • There's foreshadowing of the McGill's divorce when Maureen and Ed are fighting.
  • Mary Anne is revealed to be named after her Great Aunt. The only other option Alma and Richard were considering was Linda.
  • This episode won a GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Kids & Family Programming [3]
  • Claudia called her grandfather Gigi.
  • Mimi was cremated after she died and had already ordered her own old-style urn from Japan.