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Marguerite "Cokie" Mason is an eighth-grade student at Stoneybrook Middle School.

Appearance & Personality[]

Physical Appearance[]

Cokie had a nose job in Stacey's Emergency. Stacey notes that Cokie has no personal sense of style. She thinks that if an item of clothing costs a lot and has some famous person’s name on it, it must be cool in Stacey and the Fashion Victim. An interior illustration in Baby-sitters' European Vacation, she's depicted to have dark hair.


Cokie's personality is described as "petty, small minded, devious, totally unscrupulous, a cheat, a liar, the world's laziest student, and not that smart." She is always looking out for herself. Her overall attitude is selfish and "what's in it for me." She's also noted to be a big gossip in Stacey and the Fashion Victim.


Cokie went to Stoneybrook Elementary School with Kristy Thomas, Claudia Kishi, and Mary Anne Spier. In second grade she was the first person to lose a tooth during school.

She is the chief rival and tormentor of the Baby-sitters Club. She is responsible for a number of pranks on the club, including sending ominous chain letters to spook Mary Anne in Mary Anne's Bad-Luck Mystery. This backfired at Old Man Hickory's gravestone.

Cokie sent creepy love notes to Kristy in Kristy's Mystery Admirer. She sends threatening letters with fingernail clipping to Kristy to get back at her. Her false eyelashes falls in the punch at the Halloween Hop.

She has a crush on Logan and dated him briefly during Mary Anne and Logan's break-up in Mary Anne Misses Logan. During this time she does very little for Author's Day project on Megan Rhinehart. She read the jacket flap as the presentation embarrassing herself.

Cokie embarrasses herself on the set of Little Vampires by dressing up to snare the not-interested Carson Fraser. She invites to the cast to her house for a pool party where they are all food poisoned in Kristy and the Vampires.

Her mom makes her drop out of the Battle of the Bakers after she comes down with bronchitis. Cokie gets angry that Grace helps the BSC solve the mystery of who was sabotaging everyone in Claudia and the Recipe for Danger. She and Grace had recruited Mari Drabek to be on her team.

She's on the decorations committee for Mischief Night Masquerade with Stacey in Stacey and the Haunted Masquerade. Cokie and Grace are fighting in the book and gets angry when Grace takes Stacey McGill's side in ideas.

In Stacey and the Fashion Victim, Cokie was a model at Bellair's department store. She shows an interest in modeling because of the money, meeting all kinds of people, and get famous.

In Mary Anne's Revenge, Cokie was spreading rumors about Mary Anne at school. Cokie was trying to win votes for the yearbook Best lists. At her own party Mary Anne told her off about how she was acting. She didn't end up winning anything in the yearbook.

In Stacey's Movie she was interviewed by Stacey for the film making project. Cokie reveals that friends, clothes, and boys are all part of the things that matter about going to school. She really cares about boys and has been dating some "losers." The perfect guy has cool clothes, good looks, and shouldn't be failing school but not excited either. If he was a captain of a team he would be cool. Cokie thinks that BSC is better then her and her friends.

In Kristy and the Missing Fortune, she tries to find the missing fortune left by her distant relative Christina Thomas. She teamed up with the BSC to help dig up the treasure buried on the Arboretum's land. The fortune was never found. However, she did attend the grand opening when the Arboretum did open to the public.

She participated in cleaning up The Greenbrook Club in Abby and the Secret Society.

Cokie was cast as Tiger Lily in Starring the Baby-sitters Club!. She initially competed against Dawn Schafer for the part. She asks for a dressing room and Mr. Cheney initally says maybe, Kristy hears them and tricks her into thinking she could have one. Kristy leads her to a janitors closet, Cokie got revenge by convincing the janitor to let her use it.



  • Grace Blume, they always arrange to to have as many classes together as possible (SS#9)
  • Lisa (#38)
  • Bebe (#38)