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The Cornell/Keats Family is a client of the Baby-sitters Club. Kristy Thomas and Dawn Schafer were the first to sit for the family. They only appear in Dawn Schafer, Undercover Baby-sitter.


Sally, Justine, Amy, and John are brothers and sisters. The sisters (except Amy) would always get into fights with each other since they were little. Their father would often compare the two and put them in contests against each other. They are estranged from each other and don't keep in contact. They ended up living in the house of their late father, Mr. Livingston, for the summer to sort out his estate. They didn't want their children to play together.

Amy never left home and took care of her father, her sister accusing her of buttering him up. John had faked his death because he and his father never seen eye to eye.

There was no funeral for Mr. Livingston. His will says that the daughter who is the "smartest" will inherit his fortune. The will stipulated that the proof will lie in the solving of a puzzle.

Together they put their clues together and agreed to split the money left in the will.

Family Members[]

  • Mrs. Sally Cornell
  • Mrs. Justine Keats
  • John Irving (Patrick Livingston)
  • Amy Livingston
  • Eliza Keats (9)
  • Hallie Keats (7)
  • Jeremy Keats (5)
  • Katharine Cornell (9)
  • Tilly Cornell (6)


The front of the house has pillars and two story high windows all along the front. The grounds are rolling green, flower beds bursting the blooms, and manicured shrubs. Statues are everywhere and fountains. Kristy has heard about an olympic sized pool. The front door is red with a brass knocker shaped like a lion.

The front hall has black and white tiled floor, fancy red and gold chairs against a wall, and a brass coat rock. There are several doors including one to a living room.

The living room has overstuffed armchairs facing each other across a room full of other humongous overstuffed furniture. It has a fireplace, oriental rugs, and small tables. Above the fire place is a huge portrait in a fancy gold frame. The name plate says Arthur Livingston. There is tons of pictures of Arthur in the house.

There is a library, a large attic, and servants halls.

The house was divided into two while the sisters stayed there. The left wing is where the Keats family stayed. The right wing was were the Cornell family stayed.


  • The family all looks alike: tall, with reddish brown hair and blue eyes, Kristy and Dawn call it the Livingston look.
  • Lyn Iorio is a lawyer and executor of the Arthur Livingston's will as well as a family friend.
  • Dawn and Claudia Kishi found John cute.
  • Justine is the oldest
  • Patrick has a girlfriend in Maryland and she might move to Stoneybrook or he'll live with her.