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Corrie Addison is a nine year old BSC baby-sitter charge. Her brother is Sean Addison. Her family is The Addisons.


Pretty with brown-ish blond hair cut straight across forehead in bangs, long dark lashes, and small for her age. She has no color to her cheeks.


Corrie is described as timid and is closest to Claudia of the BSC members. In Claudia and the Sad Goodbye she makes a paper mache puppet of Nancy Drew. Instead of giving it to her mother, she gives it to Claudia after her parents arrive late to pick up Corrie from her art lesson.

She gave an oral report about the interviews she had with people from Stoneybrook Manor, about what the town was like when they were kids in Mary Anne and the Secret in the Attic. She put together a book with their memories together for her class project for Heritage Day. It was presented at the school picnic the day before Heritage Day.


  • Art
  • Nancy Drew books


  • Piano lessons
  • Basketball lessons
  • Ballet lessons


  • bedtime: 6:50
  • allergies: cats
  • school subject bad at: writing

Book Appearances[]