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The Craine Family is a client of the Baby-sitters Club. They live at 94 High Street.


Mr. Craine is the first to call the BSC and Mallory Pike was the first to sit for them in Mallory and the Ghost Cat. It's explained the girls are usually taken care of by Aunt Bud, but after she breaks her leg, the BSC is called in. Mallory doesn't have to knock when she knows that she's expected in Mallory and the Ghost Cat. The girls have a large selection of toys.

Jessi Ramsey takes them for a walk to see SMS and the girls are impressed in Kristy and the Worst Kid Ever.

They are mentioned in Dawn and Too Many Sitters when Adam Pike cleaned out their cookie cupboard.

Family Members[]

  • Mr. Craine
  • Mrs. Craine
  • Margaret Craine (6)
  • Sophie Craine (4)
  • Katie Craine (2 and a half)

Extended Family[]

  • Ellen (Aunt Bud) - Mr. Craine's sister


The porch wraps around the front and side of the house. The attic doesn't have any lights, has angled walls, one tiny window, a lot of old boxes, and old furniture. An opening in the rafters leads outside. The attic has a dressmakers' dummy, an old hat, and a bookshelf filled with dusty old books. There's a little cubby hole beneath the stairs and a broom closet on the first floor in Mallory and the Ghost Cat. Mr. Craine wants to clean it out but always forgets, most of the stuff was left from the previous owner.

They live near the Prezzioso family. Stoneybrook Middle School is not far from where they live.


Book Appearances[]