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The Cummings Family is a family that lives in New York City. They are friends with the McGill Family.


The family lives in the Dakota apartments not too far from the McGill's. Peggy Cummings is close friends with Maureen McGill. Maureen stayed with the Cummings' in Stacey's Emergency when Stacey was in the hospital.

In New York, New York!, they let a couple of Stacey's friends stay with them. Mary Anne, Mallory, Jessi, and Kristy stay with them for two weeks. It's mentioned that they are friends with the Baickers who live in the apartment above them.

Family Members[]


  • Mr. and Mrs. Cummings are rarely seen in the series.
  • They have a cleaning woman named Sallie, who was on vacation for a few weeks in New York, New York!. It's noted that Mrs. and Mr. Cummings are not very clean and will let the dust pile up while she's gone.
  • They refused to have pets in New York, New York!.
  • Mr. Cummings is a Broadway producer.
  • She has an aunt Mona and uncle Edgar that lives in Florida mentioned in Stacey's Ex-Best Friend.
  • They keep their Milky Ways in the freezer, which Stacey used to love to come over and eat before she developed her diabetes in The Truth About Stacey.
  • Laine's grandmother lives in Pennsylvania, she was visiting her for Thanksgiving when she was in kindergarten as noted in Stacey's Book.