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Dance New York is a ballet school and company. It was first introduced in Jessi's Big Break and last seen in Baby-sitters' European Vacation.


Jessi Ramsey auditioned for the winter session. The program is three weeks long and divided three ways. The first week is group dance instruction. Instructor David Brailsford circulated among the group for individual instruction. The second week is individual lessons. The last part of the day is academic tutorial. There's no homework on weekends. On the last day students have an exhibition performance.

The Dance New York program makes an appearance in Baby-sitters' European Vacation. They're on tour and one of their performers gets injured and Jessi Ramsey steps in.


Full Time Students[]

  • Tanisha Cruz


  • Jessi was invited full time but had turned it down.
  • They've had performances in San Francisco and Italy