David Michael Thomas
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David Michael Thomas


Stoneybrook, CT




Stoneybrook Elementary School



David Michael Thomas is the youngest son of Elizabeth Thomas-Brewer and Patrick Thomas. He is the younger biological brother of Charlie, Sam and Kristy Thomas. He is the stepson of Watson Brewer. He is the stepbrother of Karen and Andrew Brewer and adoptive brother of Emily Michelle Brewer. David Michael attends Stoneybrook Elementary School where he is in the second grade.

Appearance Edit

David Michael is described as having dark curls.

Biography Edit

Kristy is like a second mother to David Michael since she would babysit him so much growing up.

In Kristy's Great Idea he befriends Jamie Newton because of Jamie's interest in G.I. Joe Action Figures. He used to like rodeos until he saw one himself. In book 11, he got a black eye falling down the basement stairs. He really likes vanilla cookies. He doesn't get along with his stepsister Karen Brewer that well. He doesn't remember his father, who left when he was a baby. Once, he and Karen were in the same second grade class. Kristy's first babysitting job was for David Michael.

In Karen's Big Fight, Elizabeth & Watson consider the idea of transferring him to Stoneybrook Academy, and have him attend Karen's school for a day. They decide to keep him at his current elementary school because they have a theater program.

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Pets Edit

David Michael plays for Kristy's Krushers and a catcher for the Krushers. Louie, the old collie dog the Thomases owned from even before he was born was described as his dog and best friend. He enjoys his new dog Shannon, although she is not the same as Louie. Kristy notes in #11 Kristy and the Snobs that David Michael would never forget Louie.

Likes Edit

  • Bugs
  • Collects baseball cards
  • Acting (starred in the play "The Brementown Musicians" where he played a rooster)
  • G.I Joe Franchise (Action Figures, etc.)

Dislikes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He is also allergic to chocolate.
  • His dad left the family when he was a baby. At the Thomas's' old house, his bedroom was not much bigger than a closet.
  • He is a klutz & a champion whiner according to Kristy.
  • Watson taught him the crawl stroke so David Michael knows how to swim.
  • He is not allowed to ride his bike farther than two blocks from his house.
  • He owns a Polaroid camera.
  • David Michael is supposed to brush his teeth every night, no exceptions.
  • In Karen's Secret Valentine, he had a crush on Hannie Papadakis briefly and then Margo Pike.
  • He attended Mr. Peabody's School of Dance and Charm with Karen in Karen's Tea Party.


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