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The Dawes Family is a family that lives in Stoneybrook, CT that is an occasional client of the Baby-sitters Club. They are mainly seen in the Baby-Sitters Little Sister series because Nancy Dawes is one of Karen Brewer's best friends.


Nancy Dawes is best friends with Karen Brewer and Hannie Papadakis. Her brother, Danny, was born in Karen's Baby. The family is Jewish and are strict about keeping Kosher.

The family lives on Forest Drive next to the Engle Family and down the street from the Gianelli Family.

For Thanksgiving in Karen's Turkey Day, the family is invited to a friends Thanksgiving in Massachusetts who have five kids for Nancy to play with. Their plans fall through and end up going to Karen's house for Thanksgiving.

Family Members[]

Extended Family[]

  • In Karen's Swim Meet she has cousins visiting her family from Minnesota.
  • In Karen's Field Day her great-grandmother (which side unknown) spied for the French freedom fighters in World War 2. She was captured by the Germans and sent to a prison, but had escaped. After the war, she received a medal from the mayor of Paris.
  • Nancy mentions a cousin that had a bar mitzvah in Karen's Haircut.
  • In Karen's Grandmothers, it's mentioned that none of Nancy's grandparents are still alive. She remembers when one of her grandfathers died in Karen's Goldfish, they sat shiva for a week.
  • In Karen's Chain Letter, Nancy mentions she has an uncle that does traveling for his work.


  • Percy, when Nancy was a baby that eventually passed.
  • Pokey, a kitten


The house has been around since at least the 1930s in Karen's Treasure. It has two floors and Nancy's room is next to Danny's. Mrs. Dawes has her own study. There is a basement and the laundry equipment is there. A hall closet in on the first floor (Karen once found her missing shoe there).

In Karen's Pen Pal, the basement has tumbling mats put down for Nancy to use.