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Dawn Saves the Trees
Season 1, Episode 11
11 Dawn Saves the Trees BSC VHS front KidVision
Air date December 1, 1992
Written by Mary Pleshette Willis
Directed by Noel Black
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"The Baby-sitters and the Boy Sitters"
"Stacey Takes A Stand"

"Dawn Saves the Trees" is the eleventh episode in The Baby-Sitters Club TV series. The episode first premiered on HBO on December 1, 1992.

Back Cover Summary[]

When the city plans to build a road through the local park, Dawn leads the baby-sitters in a fight to save the trees. The group is ready to do anything, but has Dawn gone too far?


Main cast
Supporting cast


VHS and LaserDisc Release[]

  • GoodTimes - late 1992 or early 1993
  • KidVision - June 1993
  • LaserDisc - December 1993 (as part of the Flower Collection)