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This article is about the graphic novel. For the Netflix episode, see Dawn and the Impossible Three (episode). For the original novel see Dawn and the Impossible Three.

Dawn and The Impossible Three is the 5th installment in the BSC Graphic Novels series and is the first book by illustrated Gale Galligan. It is based on the original novel Dawn and the Impossible Three.

Back Cover Summary

Dawn Schafer is the newest member of The Baby-sitters Club. While she's still adjusting to life in Stoneybrook after moving from sunny California, she's eager to accept her first big job. But taking care of the three Barrett kids would be too much for anybaby-sitter. The house is always a mess, the kids are out of control, and Mrs. Barrett never does any of the things she promises. On top of all that, Dawn wants to fit in with the other members of the BSC, but she can't figure out how to get along with Kristy. Was joining The Baby-sitters Club a mistake?


Dawn Schafer is very ambitious for her first big job with the Barrett kids, Buddy, Suzi, and Marnie. When she sits for them, it's a nightmare. Mrs. Barrett doesn't give Dawn any instructions or rules, and the house is always a mess. This causes Dawn and the Barrett kids to have to clean up. On the other hand, Dawn is still feeling like the new girl especially with Kristy and Mary Anne's relationship. She tries so hard to befriend Kristy, but it just isn't working out.


Mallory - When it was Mallory's official day of being a junior officer, she told Dawn about Nicky's finger, which worries Dawn and makes the other BSCs suspicious about Mallory's responsibilities. This does get resolved.

Kristy - Kristy is worried about the wedding and ending the club due to the fact that Kristy and her family are moving into Watson's Mansion. She is also worried and a little bit jealous of the fact that Dawn and Mary Anne could be stepsisters. Both problems get resolved.

Mary Anne - Mary Anne is fixing her bedroom the way she likes. But this brings tension between Dawn and Kristy. It does get resolved when at the end where They all hug in Mary Anne's new complete room.

Differences between the book and graphic novel

  • Mallory joins the BSC too early because Kristy wanted another member since she thought of it.
  • Detective Norton is a woman.
  • Kristy didn't babysit Karen and Andrew Brewer and Hannie Papadakis wasn't introduced yet.
  • Dawn doesn't invite Kristy over to her house. Instead, they hang out with Mary Anne in the hay loft during Sharon's picnic.
  • Richard is at home when Dawn and Sharon arrive with stuff for Mary Anne's room (and he and Sharon have a flirtatious exchange).


  • Bill Cipher from the Disney XD show Gravity Falls makes a cameo as a toy on the page where Dawn (as the narrator) says “This place was a mess!”
    Bill Cipher graphic novel cameo

    Bill Cipher as one of Suzi and Buddy's toys (marked above).

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