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This article is about the episode. For the graphic novel, see Dawn and the Impossible Three (Graphic Novel). For the original novel see Dawn and the Impossible Three.

"Dawn and the Impossible Three" is the fifth episode of season 1 and the fifth episode overall of the Netflix reboot.  It is based on the fifth book, Dawn and the Impossible Three of the original book series.

It was released on July 3, 2020, on the streaming network, Netflix, along with the rest of Season 1.

Episode Description[]

To prove herself to the BSC, Dawn agrees to babysit for a family of rowdy kids. Can she keep up with their mischief and mayhem?

Plot []

Dawn Schafer is on probation, meaning her status in the Baby-sitters Club is on the line. However, her probation will be over once she proves she can sit for the Barrett family. Mary Anne, Claudia, and Stacey redecorate Mary Anne's room and Kristy tries to help Dawn with babysitting skills. 

When Dawn sits for the Barrett family, the first thing she sees is the mess the kids make. Natalie Barrett comes and asks Dawn about her hair, her acting career, and her auditions. She never comes to Dawn with information about her kids at all. As Natalie is all over the place, Buddy Barrett waves his sword around hitting Dawn and his sister, Suzi Barrett, who screams and runs around the house with scissors, then Marnie Barrett who never stops crying. Natalie wants Dawn to come over and babysit often because Dawn cleans, tidies up the house, and calms the kids down.

Lately, Dawn is sleeping in the corner of classrooms, at the Barrett's house, and even at club meetings because Natalie comes as late as 11:25 at night, and taking care of her kids is such a hassle. Dawn goes to Kristy for tips and advice and invites Kristy over. Everything is going great until her dad (who video calls her at least once a week) calls with his boyfriend Gus, making Kristy leave because she thinks the phone call is important to Dawn.

The next time Dawn babysits for the Barretts, Buddy is nowhere to be seen. Dawn decides to call Kristy thinking she'll know what to do and where Buddy is (he wanted to go to David Michael's house). Kristy comes over and calls the police later finding out both Buddy and Suzi were with their dad Hamilton Barrett for Buddy's swim classes. Dawn is confused and upset saying that Natalie never told her anything about Buddy having swim classes at all. and Mr. Barrett already knows she would have forgotten. Dawn goes home and later that night Natalie Barrett calls while Dawn and her mother, Sharon, are eating dinner. Sharon picks up and says to Natalie that she needs to get her life together before she gives her responsibilities to Dawn (she also mentions what happened earlier that day). Dawn says she could have said that herself but Sharon says she knows but she wanted to prove a point to Natalie. 


Similar to Source Material[]

  • On the IMDb page, Buddy Barrett and his dad are listed for episode five indicating that this is the first episode they are introduced in, just as it was in the books.
  • Buddy did disappear with his dad.
  • Mrs. Barrett did come home late (except not as late as in this episode).
  • Dawn is made alternate officer of the club.
  • Mary Anne is allowed to change her room.
  • Sharon and Richard go on a date.

Difference from Source Material[]

  • Dawn was already a member of the club at the end of Mary Anne Saves the Day. She just wasn’t given a title until this book. She wasn’t on probation.
  • Natalie Barrett seems to be much more irresponsible in the series and in the end, it may be implied that she will lose custody of the children.
  • Natalie is overly dependent on Dawn, taking advantage of her kindness to the point where her mother has to tell her to leave Dawn alone until she straightened out her life and then afterwords apologize to Dawn. However, Sharon never told off Mrs. Barrett.
  • Hamilton Barrett seems to be the more responsible parent.
  • Mr. Barrett took Buddy as punishment for Mrs. Barrett, not because he had swim practice, but when he realized she wasn’t home and there was a sitter there instead, he took Buddy home as he realized that wasn’t fair on the sitter.
  • Dawn and the kids have to constantly clean the house every time she babysits.
  • Kristy did not have a temper tantrum about how everyone’s father wanted to spend time with their kids but hers.
  • Kristy gives Dawn the position of alternate officer after she and Dawn spend time swinging and dropping into hay in the stable in Dawn’s backyard.
  • Sharon Schafer and Richard Spier did not break up.
  • Dawn doesn't complain about being dragged across the country like her book counterpart. In fact, she seems quite happy and it's implied that she actually chose to go with Sharon to Stoneybrook.
  • Elizabeth Thomas does not visit Sharon Schafer.
  • Sharon hosting a picnic and reintroducing Richard to her parents is completely omitted from the series.

Songs Used[]

  • "Aye Aye Aye" by ApriLLL
  • "Shake and Shout" by Turf Club


  • This is the debut for characters Hamilton Barrett (Matt Hamilton) and Buddy Barrett (Benjamin Jacobson).
  • It's revealed that Sharon goes by her maiden name, Porter, here.