Dawn and the Junk Food Kids is one of the seven The Baby-Sitters Club Mini Books that came with the 1993 Kenner BSC Dolls.

Mini book series premiseEdit

The stories contained in all seven mini books that came with the Kenner dolls were set on the same day, a Saturday, in the same location, the Washington Mall. Dawn, Mallory, Kristy and Mary Anne are responsible for charges, while Claudia, Stacey, and Jessi are at the mall on their own.


Dawn is at the mall baby-sitting for Jenny Prezzioso, Buddy Barrett, and Suzi Barrett. She and her charges visit My Satin Doll for Jenny, the train store for Buddy, and the food court for Suzi.

Dawn initially picks the restaurant 'Yin and Yang' because it has healthy food. The kids complain, however, so she leads them to the food court, hoping to find something else healthy there. She finds a booth called 'Just Desserts', and orders the kids an all-natural frozen dessert, which they enjoy. Though the dessert is healthy, Buddy calls it "junk food", which Dawn is happy to let them believe.

Full StoryEdit

Dawn and the Junk Food Kids complete mini book


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