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This article is about the episode. You might be looking for the book please see Dawn's Wicked Stepsister.

"Dawn and the Wicked Stepsister" is the sixth episode of Season 2 of Netflix reboot. It is based on Dawn's Wicked Stepsister, the thirty-first book of the original Baby-Sitters Club series. [1]

Episode Description[]

Worlds collide — and tension boils over — when Mary Anne and her dad move in with Dawn and her mom. The BSC plans a major party for Mallory's sister Claire.


Mary Anne and Dawn discover a mysterious passage within Dawn's bedroom.


Returning Cast[]

Similarities to Source Material[]

  • Mary Anne is still scared of the passage.
  • The Spiers move in with the Schafers (albeit only for one week).
  • Dawn and Mary Anne struggle to get along and end up having a spat (though not as big of a one as in the book).
  • Dawn and Mary Anne share a room.

Differences from Source Material[]

  • Dawn originally discovers the secret passage in The Ghost at Dawn's House, however she discovers it in this episode with Mary Anne instead [2]. She also finds it herself in the original book. Also, Sharon didn't know about it until Dawn told her.
  • The Pikes were sick in the original books instead of Byron getting stitches and Claire not being able to go to a carnival for her birthday.
  • While she did get spooked by it a couple of times, Dawn was never this fearful about the secret passage in the books.
  • Vanessa never had a goth phase in the books.
  • Mary Anne gets along with Sharon right away, whereas in the book it took them a bit to get used to each other.
  • The Spiers and Schafers seem much more respectful about each other's food preferences (it's even implied that Richard and Sharon cooked together) than in the book.

Pop Culture References[]

  • Allusions to Stephen King's IT.

Songs Used[]

  • “Ha Ha Ha” by The Julie Ruin
  • “Carousel Waltz” by George Stroud
  • “Get Happy Lucky Hearts” by Dove Pilot


  • The original book was called Dawn's Wicked Stepsister; it's likely changed to match the title of the previous and following episodes.
  • The episode combines elements of The Ghost at Dawn's House.
  • Dawn is still super organized like in the original books.
  • This is the second appearance of the Pike Family.
  • Sharon knew about the secret passage and its history. The passage is not part of the underground railroad but instead is part of the prohibition period and leads to a cellar rather than a barn.
  • Mary Anne's cans she set up for intruders originally happens in Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls (and it's the Thomases and Watson that inadvertently knock them over, not Dawn).
  • Sharon uses a tonic for spiritual wellness and better organizational skills (Dawn jokingly notes that it doesn't seem to be doing much for the latter).
  • Richard claims to be sleeping in the guest room "for propriety's sake," but the girls know better and don't believe him for a second.