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Deborah Cooper commonly known as "Deb" is twelve year old that is only in the book Kristy Thomas, Dog Trainer.


She wears dark sunglasses. Deb is pale and thin with an athletic build and dark short hair.


Deb had become blind before the events of the books. She has angle closure glaucoma that she inherited from her grandmother. Originally, she had bad headaches that went on for days and started to see things. One morning, Deb woke up sick until she couldn't see. She was taken to the hospital, but surgery wouldn't work.

She has two younger brothers, Mark (8) and Jed (4), that members of the Baby-sitters Club sit for.

During the events of "Kristy Thomas, Dog Trainer" she is adjusting to being blind. Deb doesn't like to have help or talk about what happened. She feels frustrated that she can't do anything about it wanting to be independent.


  • Dr. Whitehurst is her doctor and Maya is her mobility instructor.
  • Watson works with her mother.
  • Shannon Kilbourne and Anna Stevenson are friendly with her. The members of the BSC know her as well.