Dee Pike (née Bennett), or Mrs. Pike, is Mallory Pike's mother. She is married to John Pike. Her children include: Mallory, Byron, Adam, Jordan, Vanessa, Nicky, Margo and Claire Pike.


Dee had her ears pierced when she was twelve.

She has lots of energy, loves kids, hardly ever yells, and is patient, funny, and organized, as described in Dawn and the Impossible Three. She's not a fanatic about house cleaning.

Dee and John are tennis nuts and enjoy seeing tennis matches. She once injured her knee playing tennis in Dawn's Wicked Stepsister.


She is a trustee at the public library. She got a job as a temp to help out after Mr. Pike lost his job. She will continue to work once or twice a week. Dee worked as a temporary secretary but only goes to the office when the agency calls.

She used to not work.



  • She is a regular client of the BSC and appears or is mentioned in many books.

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