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The Delaney Family is the family of BSC charges Amanda Delaney and Max Delaney. They lived in Stoneybrook, CT until they moved away in Little Sister #19 Karen's Good-bye.


After the family moved away in Karen's Good-bye, the Kormans moved into their house. Amanda and Max are good swimmers, but they must have a neighbor at home to swim when being baby-sat. The kids' friends can swim the width of the pool without a rest; they're allowed to swim there. Amanda and Max love to test new sitters. Kristy can handle them.

Stacey McGill used reverse psychology on Amanda and Max Delaney in Kristy and the Snobs. This makes both Max and Amanda think Stacey McGill is weird.

Family Members[]

Extended Family[]

Amanda mentions her grandparents live near their new house in Lawrenceville in Karen's Good-bye. She also mentions an aunt Gayle, but it's unknown which side.



Ostentatious; has a fountain with a golden fish standing on its tail spouting water in the front hall. The fountain cost two thousand dollars.

There are two tennis courts in the gigantic backyard, a "space control" center kitchen, den, library, and a clean all white family room. Oriental carpets and gilt-framed pictures everywhere. The swimming pool is new in Poor Mallory!.

The front door used to be blue but the Kormans painted it yellow in Karen's Bully. They also took out the fish fountain and one of the tennis courts.

In Karen's Good-bye, it's noted that there's six bedrooms, Mrs. Delaney's dressing room, and four bathrooms.


  • Mrs. Delaney starts a real estate refresher course in Poor Mallory! in order to go back to work.
  • Mr. Delaney is a partner in a law firm.
  • Their pediatrician is Dr. Evans in Poor Mallory!.
  • The Winslow's and the Millers live nearby in Poor Mallory!

Media Portrayals[]

TV series (1990)[]

Both Amanda and Max are in the episode The Baby-sitters Remember as part of Stacey's memory.

The Baby-Sitters Club (Netflix series)[]

  • Max and Mr. Delaney has been omitted from the show in the episode of Kristy and the Snobs (episode). Mrs. Delaney was given the first name Shannon. Amanda is roughly 11 years old and Kristy baby-sits her for the first time.