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Derek Masters
Full name

Derek Masters




Mr. Masters (father)
Mrs. Masters (mother)
Todd (brother)


Stoneybrook Elementary School



First Appearance

#27, Jessi and the Superbrat

Final Appearance

California Girls!

Portrayed by

Derek Masters is an eight-year-old boy for whom Baby-sitters Club sits and a member of the Masters Family. Due to his job as an actor, he and his family spend much of their time in California.


Derek is a boy with short light brown hair. Derek's looks are described as "normal" and "friendly," unlike those of the geeky character he plays in the show P.S. 162. He's just gone through a growth spurt in Kristy and the Vampires.


Derek lives with his mother, father, and a four-year-old brother, Todd. Back when they lived in Stoneybrook full-time, Derek appeared in magazine ads and on a local TV commercial. The Masterses moved to Los Angeles after Derek was cast in the show P.S. 162 in Jessi and the Superbrat.

When he's in Stoneybrook, Derek attends Stoneybrook Elementary School. He's a currently a third-grader.

His return to Stoneybrook during a P.S. 162 break is at first troubling. Derek doesn't want people to think he's changed, nor does he wish to be treated differently just because he's famous. He tells the BSC about there being a bully called John (the "Superbrat," in Jessi's words) in his class. John doesn't actually exists, and his mischievous actions turned out to come from a nervous Derek acting out. He makes friends with the help of the BSC. He ends up making lots of friends. It's during this Stoneybrook stay that Derek bonds with Jessi. He calls her the best baby-sitter he's ever had.

Derek attempts to encourage Jessi to move out to Los Angeles to try to be an actress or model. He's disappointed when she tells him that for the moment she'll keep being a ballerina and continue living in Stoneybrook. She sees him in California Girls!.

In The Mystery at Claudia's House, Derek is rumored to get a kissing scene in his show, P.S. 162. This causes him to get teased at first before Nicky Pike and the triplets get curious. They want to see Derek kiss a girl and they push him to kiss Vanessa, Becca, or Charlotte. Derek also helps Claudia Kishi solve what is going on with Janine Kishi when she starts acting funny. They even stage a fake judge show hoping to get her to confess. Instead he confesses that he's never kissed a girl. Later Derek and the Pike boys make up.

In Kristy and the Vampires he co-stars in Little Vampires with Carson Fraser. He is noted by the BSC to be a good actor and had Kristy Thomas sit for him while on set. He was targeted by Lindsey Rockaway since he was stealing scenes from Carson. Derek was unaware until Kristy came forward with evidence that Lindsey cut the brakes to his drivers car with the intention of hurting him. Derek didn't press charges against her and only wanted to see her get help.

Derek invited a couple of his friends to promote the movie Night Train to Charleston in Kristy and the Mystery Train. Together they helped investigate a few people helping the BSC. He feels left out when his California friend, Greg makes friends with his Stoneybrook friend, Nicky. They all hang out together by the end of the book.


Derek is a child actor who plays Waldo on the popular sitcom P.S. 162. He originally started as a model and in one commercial mentioned in Jessi and the Superbrat.

He was also on the show Kid Detectives (The Mystery at Claudia's House), a TV movie partially filmed in Stoneybrook called Little Vampires (Kristy and the Vampires), and a big Hollywood production, Night Train to Charleston (Kristy and the Mystery Train).



  • Playing detective (M#6)
  • Badminton (#27)


  • Science
  • Talking about the show all the time


Media Portrayals[]

TV series[]

Derek is played by actor Noah Segan in the episode Jessi and the Mystery of the Stolen Secrets.

Netflix series[]

He is played by Luke Roessler [1]. He only appears in the episode Jessi and the Superbrat. He will be a child influencer rather than an actor[2].