Dr.Johanssen is a doctor . She is the doctor of Stacey who is diagnosed with diabetes. It was mentioned in #3 The Truth About Stacey. She was seen fainting in her food in her former place where she lived: New York. In the restaurant with her friends. Then she went to the doctor and then Dr. Johanssen said: that she was diagnosed with diabetes. Later on, after the doctor's appointment, she went home. Then stacey's mom called one of Stacey's friends to excuse herself to the mother of Stacey's friend for the misunderstanding earlier at the restaurant. Stacey wanted to talk to her friend on the phone but at her friend's house, her friend was embarrassed and frustrated so she said : no no no. So to put it in another way, stacey's friend's mom made up an excuse instead of telling her the truth and so stacey's mother understood except she did not know it was a lie.

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